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Uncommon School Partners with Keith Mann of Dynamic Search Partners

A scholarship is always a good source of funds for paying college payment. However, scholarships come at a price. One has to work hard and have the right grades to be eligible for the award. High school graduating seniors usually have several scholarship options available at their disposal.

Many students, businesses, and organizations have provided scholarships to deserving students. Keith Mann has participated in the awarding of scholarships to several students. He works hand in hand with Uncommon Schools to fundraise for college funds for students.

Keith Mann is the founder and CEO of Dynamic Search Partners. He recently launched the Scholarship for Professional Achievement program that should see the payment of college fees.

The amount is set to go to one college student every year. Keith Mann has shown a strong will and dedication to helping students from low-income backgrounds. Most of the time, these students fail to attend college due to inadequate funds.

Uncommon Schools is a charter institution which manages 40 other charter schools in the United States. The school has a mission to close the gap between high-income and low-income families. It has organized several fundraising activities that have raised funds for college students.

Uncommon Schools equips students with basic education and hands-on skills required for the job markets. For instance, students go through a thorough training to gain skills on job interviews and preparing resumes.

According to Crunchbase, as a leader in the executive search industry, Keith Mann has managed to navigate through the world of hedge fund management successfully. He is now a leading expert in the field of hiring strategy. Many companies across the globe have benefited from his services. Before starting his business, Keith Mann worked for Dynamic Executive Search.

The firm was a global organization that handled staffing. It assisted companies to recruit the best professionals for the position. Keith Mann created an external department in the company in 2002.

The department was known as Alternative Investment Practice. It began as a hedge fund staffing industry which addressed the needs of staffing market. Keith moved his skills and started his company. Dynamic Search Partners has grown. It now hires the best executives in the financial industry.

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