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Securus Technologies Ensuring Safety of Correctional Facilities with its Drone Detection Technology

Today, drones have become quite popular. One can see them being used for many different things. Apart from using it as a toy, many people are making use of drones for surveillance and even for photography. Drones are quite flexible, and they are also being used by criminals to deliver packages inside the prison. Since prisons today have tight security that is not easy to breach, criminals have found a better way to deliver the banned materials into the prison so that it can be used by the inmates.


Drones today are quite advanced and can be operated from miles away. One does not need to be in the vicinity of the drone as most drones have cameras that allow the operator to see where it is going. They can also carry a weight of around 20 pounds easily meaning that the criminals can tie packages containing tobacco, drugs and even weapons to them and then have them dropped off inside the yard of the prison where the inmates can find them easily. There have been multiple reports of violence inside the prison due to these packages drop-offs inside the prisons.


Two of the newest technologies to enter the correctional sphere is the drone detection technology and the wireless containment technology. The drone detection technology would be used to keep the drones away from prisons, and the wireless containment system would be used to keep the contraband phones away from prison. The use of drones to supply contraband items inside the prisons as well as the use of contraband phones is illegal and must not be allowed, but still, the incidents of such illegal use have been on the rise in recent times. Many other companies tried to develop a technology that would provide a breakthrough, but in the end, it was Securus Technologies that was able to build a breakthrough technology that was able to prove to be efficient and effective in carrying out what it claims to the T.


Securus Technologies has spent a lot in building these two technologies and is committed to its evolution as the time passes. Rick Smith, the CEO of Securus Technologies, said that the drone detection and wireless containment system is necessary for the correctional sphere, and the company would do whatever it takes to ensure that the technology continues to become more potent with time. There are many new upgrades that would be happening to these technologies in the near future. The FCC has announced that it would take the necessary steps to promote the use of such technologies in the correctional facilities so that the illegal use of contraband phones and drones can be eliminated completely. It has cost the lives of many, and some serious steps need to be taken to stop it.



Learn something knew about Securus Technologies in 3 minutes

Inmate communications and parole tracking are crucial factors in correction facilities. Alternatively, is it not true? One of the major players in this is SECURUS TECHNOLOGIES. They are the leading providers of criminal and civil justice technologies, government information-management services among others.


The company serves more than 2600 correction facilities in 45 states in the US, Canada, the District of Columbia, and Mexico. Securus Technologies serves more than one million inmates around the globe. They are a big organization, which provides innovative and comprehensive technical solutions, and friendly customer care. The major goal of Securus is to make sure the specialized needs of correction facilities and law enforcement centers are efficient.


Where do you find Securus Technologies?


Their headquarters are in Dallas Texas. They have four regional offices in the Dallas metropolitan area and another one in Atlanta Georgia.


In an article published in PR Newswire, there are several comments from email and formal letter communications received from jail officials in the US. They come from officials tasked with solving and preventing crimes as well as making prisons safer. According to Richard A. Smith, they receive thousands of letters regarding the inmates and clients experience with Securus. These help them in building safety, which is their main agenda.


Below are some of the selected comments


One individual was grateful for the quick and friendly customer service that he received and was looking forward to much more. Through their help, they were able to use the information provided through the phone call to get a search warrant for a corrupt worker. The accused was put behind bars that morning.


Another person said that monitoring calls regarding inmates using or selling drugs in the correction facility enabled them to monitor suspicious calls, threats, and other things that might compromise the security of the correction facility.


Rick Smith: An Entrepreneur And Pioneer Of Inmate Communication Technology

Rick. A. Smith isn’t like an ordinary CEO who leads a company by giving 8 hours from his life to lead an already running business instead he is an individual who after joining a company never sleep well until he feels that his company is stable enough and he can have a proper sleep. Due to his hard work, dedication, and expertise, he has become a renowned name in inmate communication and technology.

Rival companies are doing whatever is in their reach to hire him so he can use his expertise and benefit them but he always prefers to work for a cause, not for money. So he refused such offers and now these companies, who once made attractive offers, are now blaming him for fraud. But he does not care because when an elephant walks in the jungle, dogs bark at him but he never cares for that because he knows that they can’t harm him.

One of the reasons for this hatred is that he speaks out of things that are not right. He prefers to help society to make it good for the general public rather than make money and make life good for one. An employee at Securus Technologies considers him a mentor. For those of you who don’t what Securus Technologies is, it’ a famous yet leading provider of technology solutions for social and criminal justice for the safety of public, monitoring, corrections and investigation, discussed in detail the prospect of inmate security and communications, and how we are driving advantage to inmates, family/friends, and law enforcement and corrections and all of the general public.

Rick Smith, Chairman, and CEO of Securus Technologies said that just as communications have dramatically changed over a past decade for the society, communications will influence positively what is going to be an imprisonment experience in next decade. He also added that in near future, once a prisoner brought into a jail or prison, they’ll be able to use the device to communicate with individuals that are approved by the court of law, with recorded and secure voice, text, video or email messages with instant funding in their accounts, through a centralized platform and access to databases in order to provide jobs, books, education, medical attention, songs, bail bondsmen, legal resources, commissary, any and all things that a prisoner would need.

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They designed a system that will allow inmates to use Securus devices to dial out the contact lists that will use the bandwidth of Wireless Containment Solutions, ST secured network known as a conjunction, and allow that device to dial out after verification. While Securus always records and monitor such communications so ST is also assisting government agencies to control the illegal import of drugs that is being handled from inside the prison. Read more on

Securus Technologies – Making It Safer

There are many companies that work in the safety field in order to protect the public, but none are able to complete what Securus Technologies is able to do. Securus Technologies has instituted the Wireless Containment Solution, which is helping to stop illegal activity in the jails using cell phones.


Other companies had tried to create something like this too, but they were unable to succeed because they did not have the expertise to do so. Securus Technologies has the ability to create the Wireless Containment Solution, and did so, and many of the correctional facilities are using it across the nation with great success.


The Wireless Containment Solution was made by the company in order to find illegal cell phones and contraband that is being used in the correctional facilities. Once they are able to find these devices, they can stop a lot of crimes being planned and taking place. There were many times that the inmate were using these cell phones and devices to contact people from the outside that were able to do criminal work. By using the Wireless Containment Solution from Securus Technologies, the facilities can stop this from happening.


Securus Technologies works for the civil and criminal sectors of justice. They want to make the world a safer place to live for everyone. They create new technologies on a weekly basis that help with monitoring, investigating and more. The government uses them all the time with help in their facilities, and the company deals with a million and more inmates on a regular basis. The company has also invited the public to come to their facility in Dallas, TX for a tour and a presentation that will allow them to see up close just what the company does on a regular basis. They will be allowed to see the latest technologies and how they work. The company is proud to open their doors so the public will know more about what they do, and how much they want to create a safer world for everyone to live. In the future, the public will see much more from Securus Technologies, because they are creating new technologies on a weekly basis that will benefit everyone.