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Raising a Boss, Like Isabel Dos Santos

It should come as no surprise that the richest woman in Africa, Isabel dos Santos, carries herself like a ‘Boss’ at all times. This is a woman who exudes strength and who’s actions embody the term ’empowered’. Isabel dos Santos is the daughter of the former Angolian president, Jose Eduardo Dos Santos. When Jose Eduardo left his position of power, he left many of his business dealings to his oldest daughter, Isabel dos Santos. Jose Eduardo Dos Santos had to have honed a secret formula for raising a confident and fearless young woman in a male-dominated society.

There is no telling how much discrimination and chauvinism Isabel had to over come in order to successfully run the companies that were passed down to her. Isabel dos Santos recently revealed in an interview that growing up, her father and brothers never told her things like “girls don’t do this” or “girls can’t be that”. Having male figures around who make you feel like your an equal, and that your role in society is not for them to decide, is almost essential for guaranteeing a young girls competency in the business realm. She says that she never recalled hearing statements like “don’t worry, your brothers work”. Isabel Dos Santos was being shown, without words, what her dad truly thought of her potential.

Similar to Isabel Dos Santos’s dad, I think that all parents should understand the importance of what they say and don’t say to their daughters. Jose Eduardo Dos Santos could have easily relegated his daughter to housework and tasks that would reinforce her female inferiority, but he did the exact opposite. I think that it is extremely important that parents consider what their values are, and whether or not they’ve been programming their daughters to have self-limiting beliefs. These simple things are very essential to raising a fearless ‘Boss-Woman’ (Crunchbase).

Lori Senecal: The New Global CEO

In an article on Campaignlive, Lori Senecal is one of the top leaders of Kirshenbaum Bond Senecal + Partners (kbs+) and CP+B. Much of her early successes were with kbs+. Kirshenbaum has some of the biggest clients in the world, like BMW, Vanguard, and HomeGoods. Senecal has worked with the companies for years.

She’s also pioneered the company’s culture of invention. Before Senecal, kbs+ was slowly succeeding, but with her guidance, she focused the company on creating breakthroughs. The many “firsts” she helped created delivered competitive advantages for the brands and businesses the company helped. She also played a huge role in the creation of numerous kbs+ support organizations.

All of the side businesses that Senecal had a hand in were developed as part of kbs+’s culture. The company’s investment arm was kbs+ Ventures. Their tech practice was kbs+ Spies and Assassins. They even have a branch that helps other brands become publishers, kbs+ Content Labs.

Since her days as President of McCann Erickson’s New York office, Senecal has been a rising star. She has attracted the attention of recognizing organizations. In recent years, she’s received a Quantum Leap award, which is one of the highest honors given at the AWNY Game Change Awards.

Even though she’s had many great years at kbs+, her greatest success could be her recent promotion at CP+B. A few months ago, it was announced that CP+B named Lori Senecal their new Global CEO. Not only is she the new Global CEO, the position of Global CEO is new. CP+B created this position for Senecal.

Her dedication to the company’s global growth and expansion exceeded far beyond what they could’ve hoped. She’s now managing and coordinating all eight of the firm’s international offices. She’s also overseeing all further development of those offices.

Her work and pioneering have made her one of the top leaders in the entire industry. She’s known for being a thoughtful leader, management specialist, technology enthusiast, innovative, and inventive on a global scale. CP+B hopes that she continues to fuel their international momentum. She even won the Infiniti global creative account.

One big perk of her new role is being able to work with Chuck Porter and the CP+B leadership team. She’s admired their work for years and is more than excited to finally join the team.

Reference: fastcompany.

To know more about Lori, you can check out her Adweek profile.