Dick Devos. A gifted leader and Reformist.

Richard Marvin Devos is an American entrepreneur born in a business family. His father, Richard Devos is the co-founder of Amway Company. Richard Devos junior served as the companies CEO from 1993 to 2002. Notably, Richard is a qualified helicopter and jet craft pilot. He graduated from Northwood University with a bachelor’s degree in business administration. He is married to Betsy with whom they have seven children.




During his tenure at Amway Company which has its operation in more than 50 countries, the company international sales tripled and even dwarfed the domestic sales which never happened before in its history. Under his management, the business was able to penetrate new markets. When he was the company’s vice in charge of the foreign operations, sales outside the United States accounted for five percent overall.




Away from the business world, Devos has not forgotten about the values of a stable community and the culture of giving back. His political and community donations have not gone unnoticed. I believe community and politics are intertwined. Politics play a tremendous role through leaders who are chosen by the community. A stable leadership is mirrored to the community through the dispensation of services and addressing critical societal issues.


In my view, I consider the Devos family to be a bona fide family, honorable, amicable, compassionate and community-conscious people. Education opens opportunities to the less fortunate. Dick and Betsy know this hence their priority in giving scholarships to the less fortunate. Personally, I know apart from liberating someone, education is the most valuable and the greatest chance one could get.


Understanding the impact education can have on individuals and the community, Betsy and Devos have prioritized education by channeling millions of dollars towards bettering the education sector. Some schools need a complete makeover regarding facilities, and the quality of education offered there. Groups which support this course deserve support. The Devos family has donated 357,000 dollars to these groups which is commendable.


Politics and activism.


Devos once ran for the gubernatorial seat in Michigan. Though he lost, I firmly believe this intelligent man would have used his business acumen to transform Michigan into a model state. Issues like joblessness, low income and very few new business startups would be addressed accordingly. Devos and his wife have also supported environmental studies. When he leaves the public life, he will deserve the title of “A Life Well Lived”.