Dick DeVos and Aviation Considerations

Dick DeVos is in no sense a man who has given up on his life. He’s truthfully the complete opposite of that. He’s a man who is just getting started. That doesn’t take away from the fact that he’s been plodding along for decades and decades now, though. He’s honestly been doing a lot more than “plodding along.” He’s been taking the huge planet by storm. He’s been doing so in conjunction with his wife, Betsy DeVos, too. They make an inimitable pair. There are few couples on earth who can hold a candle to them as far as working goes.


Dick DeVos’ first name at birth was Richard. He still thinks of himself as being Richard, too. He got that name from a family of consummate professionals. His father was a major aspect of the establishment of the famous Amway Corporation in the United States. This is why the younger DeVos felt fully at ease taking over as the head of the substantial marketing entity. He was the man who headed things for the Amway Corporation for a long stretch of time in the nineties. This gig extended into the 2000s, too.


What does DeVos do for his career now? He does so many things that it can often be tough for people to list them all. He’s a seasoned Windquest Group powerhouse, first of all. He tackles all sorts of business tasks for the respected company in America. He makes a point to tackle extra assignments for the firm any time he can.


Charity isn’t something that DeVos ever dismisses. His wife doesn’t ever dismiss the subject, either. They’re two individuals who legitimately care about charitable concepts. They genuinely care about philanthropic ones all the same. How can they prove that? They can prove it by presenting people with the Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation. This is a foundation that’s a non-profit. That means that it doesn’t profit due to any of its actions and activities. It’s been a major organization in the United States since its anticipated inception at the closing of the eighties.


Dick DeVos spends a lot of time thinking about travel via airplane. That’s the reason people turn to him any time they have questions that relate to the aviation department. He’s so enthusiastic about the field that he actually made the decision to plan an aviation academy in the Midwestern region of the United States. The charter school was introduced to people in the region in 2010. It’s called the West Michigan Aviation Academy. Since it’s part of the city’s big airport, it gives its pupils a feeling of convenience. Teenagers who want to become the pilots of tomorrow frequently prefer the up-and-coming institution.


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