(EMR) Drew Madden, The Evergreen Healthcare Co-Partner Says He Has Great IT Ideas In Electronic Medical Records

Before co-founding Evergreen Healthcare Partners, Drew Madden said something that left many aspiring entrepreneurs jaws dropping. Mr. Madden, a BSE holder in Industrial Engineering, graduated from the University Of Iowa College Of Engineering in 2002. He continues to motivate young entrepreneurs that the future is bright.

In a recent interview, Drew Madden said that he has learnt a lot by working with different types of people. During the interview, Madden confirmed that the only way one can get the best ideas is when they work with other people. “I get ideas when I learn about something but I have realized that many excellent ideas are those that I get when I work with other people,” Madden said. Additionally, Drew pointed out that listening is the first and the last thing when it comes to tapping the best ideas.

“You cannot know what the other guy has in mind unless you open up. During the dialogue, you will get to know what the other person is thinking about a particular subject. The only way to do this is to learn to be a good listener,” he says.

Over the years, since his graduation in 2002, Drew Madden has worked in several healthcare providers. For the last 15 years, his mind has been contemplating how he would start his healthcare consulting company. When the right time came, Madden did not hesitate. Today, Drew Madden is the co-partner of the Evergreen Healthcare Partners, a healthcare consulting firm that works with top organizations and health institutions across the nation.

Through the famous interview, Drew Madden shares some of the ideas that no successful entrepreneur ever leaks out. Some of the tips Madden shares during the interview include how one can plan for the multiple ideas that come up in life. Madden says how one can increase his/her passion for entrepreneurship when he says that it is when the skill benefits others. The second thing Madden mentions is to take up the opportunity to network. According to him, opportunity comes once. No one should miss any opportunity that comes by. He argues that if it comes, the prudent thing is to seize it.