Fabletic’s Physical Locations Are Excelling

Online retailers are booming and a lot of brick and mortar stores are floundering. The physical stores that cannot keep up with customer’s new needs are wondering why their superior product at a lower price point isn’t enough to keep the customers around. The truth is that the consumer in the retail market today requires a lot to keep them as a loyal customer. They are looking for the best value product and today, that means they are using the showroom technique to shop for a product in store, and then they are turning around to look for a better value online.


The VIP membership is what Fabletics offers their customers to get them a better deal, keep them satisfied, and keep their customers around at the same time. When customers sign up for the $50 per month commitment, they are signing in for a stylist service that hand picks athletic wear pieces especially for them each month. $50 doesn’t buy a lot in the athletic wear realm at the moment, maybe one pair of good quality sport leggings. On Fabletics, the dollar gets the members a lot more. With Fabletics, the monthly $50 can buy a customer a pair of leggings, a sport bra top, and a zip up that layers over the top. The entire outfit can be purchased for less than the price of one pair of leggings in comparable stores. Based on price and value alone, Fabletics is already the better deal which keeps the customers coming back for more each month.


The service offered by Fabletics is giving customers something far more valuable than just a new outfit. They are offering a service with their membership that helps to keep shopping for activewear in the busy woman’s life a pleasurable and modern experience. The outfits hand picked for her are delivered right to her computer screen, so she can easily click and have it delivered right to her door. Because she is being delivered the hand picked styles straight to her inbox and account, she doesn’t have to waste time shopping and clicking around for products that are unsuitable for her needs and style. Time is money after all, and she’s not wasting her time or money with the Fabletics service. Payment is already saved on the site, she knows the time frame that she will be shopping for clothes, and she knows how much she will be spending. The consistency and ease of the VIP membership becomes a valuable part of her lifestyle.


Fabletics VIPs have become very excited about the opening of brick and mortar stores. In fact, the VIP members are the prime customers at the physical locations. The members are so happy to experience Fabletics that experiencing the store is another realm of the Fabletics brand. Offerings at the store are tailor fit to each location using data science from the website, further enhancing the user experience by offering trends and styles popular with the local customer style type.