Fleeger: Partnerships Matter to Company Strength & Growth

GULF COAST WESTERPartnerships are key to not only sustaining business strength in the oil industry, but also insuring a regular pace of growth and future stability as well. This is why folks like Matt Fleeger and his leadership team put such and emphasis on building bonds and bridges with key partners on a regular basis. Doing so has allowed company possibilities and opportunities for corporate horizon broadening that would not have been possible for Fleeger’s company, Gulf Coast Western, going at it alone.

Sometimes the partnerships are simply temporary joint operations with other industry players. And at other times it may mean making the partnership far more substantial and permanent, as in Gulf Coast Westerns acquisition of 50 percent of Northcote Energy, Ltd. In that venture Gulf Coast Western was able to combine its holdings and reserves with the advanced drilling capability of Northcote, producing a win-win for both companies. In other partnerships Gulf Coast Western has been able to acquire control of drilling sites with extensive reserves and plenty of oil assets for future company strength for years to come in terms of revenue.

All of the above said, Matt Fleeger is well aware of the oil and gas industry in general and how hyperactive its market fluctuations can be. While there are plenty of economic forecasts predicting further opportunities, there are also plenty of challenges and downturns in the past as well. As a result, successful oil company leaders like Fleeger understand all too clearly success is as much about avoiding unnecessary risk as it is about finding profitable avenues for expansion.


Strong leadership in such a high-expertise environment requires patient, fortitude, strategic savvy, and lots of skill based on experience and practical knowledge. Fleeger has proven his natural capability not by just keeping Gulf Coast Western operational but continuing to find ways for it to grow significantly. It’s no surprise his team is so dedicated to his leadership as a result.