Get to Know Matthew Fleeger

As President and CEO of Gulf Coast Western, Matthew Fleeger has a lot on his plate. Luckily, he can handle it. Fleeger is an experienced businessman and entrepreneur. Since his graduation from Southern Methodist University, Fleeger has taken the world of business by storm. He has extensive experience in a number of industries, not just oil and gas. Fleeger has also been successful in the tanning and waste management industries.

Matthew Fleeger is great at identifying holes in the market, and businesses that are ready to expand. He started off small, but quickly became a big name in consumer-driven businesses. Fleeger is one of the minds behind Mystic Tan, currently the largest spray-tanning operation in the world. He also took Palm Beach Tan from a six-store operation to a phenomenon around the country.

Fleeger has plenty of experience in the business to business space, too. Immediately prior to taking over at Gulf Coast Western, Matthew Fleeger developed MedSolutions. This company handled medical waste at all stages. Everything from transportation, disposal and treatment was part of MedSolutions’ services. Fleeger’s tenure there ended when he sold the business to Stericycle.

The planning, decision-making and negotiation skills Fleeger developed in these enterprises has served him well at Gulf Coast Western. As the name suggests, the Gulf Coast is the site of most of this company’s operations. However, this company is also entering into an exciting expansion phase. In addition to exploring the Gulf Coast for drilling opportunities, this company is branching out into other regions.

In addition to expanding into other regions, Fleeger has also been able to create exciting partnerships with other companies and industries. Salt water disposal and salt water wells are another venture Matthew Fleeger has pursued extensively. He has also purchased leases and rights to oil wells that are currently producing.