Gustavo Martinez

Gustavo Martinez is making waves in the world of advertising. Several of the most iconic ads that have surfaced in the last 35 years are because of Gustavo’s creativity. He has once again reshaped the way people think about advertising, consulting, and marketing as a whole.


Gustavo Martinez was a very notable ad man in the late 20th century and he is continuing to offer his unique insight in the current world. Some of his first gigs were with Henkel and Price Waterhouse. His superiors were able to recognize very quickly that he had a unique gift. Gustavo has been named the president of McCann World Group along with being the president of both Ogilvy and Mather. One of Gustavo’s most prestigious positions was when he was the CEO of J. Walter Thompson Worldwide, which is one of the most prestigious ad firms in the world. Recently, Gustavo has stepped down form his place at the top of the corporate food chain. Now he is testing the waters in the great big world of entrepreneurship.


In some recent interviews, Gustavo has justified his brand new approach to advertising. He reminds the people that advertising is a very creative activity and that only the ads that pull at the persons heartstrings along with conveying clear messages will be effective. He also lets us know that you can not simply pump out successful ads like you can things in a factory. On the other hand, for ads to be effective requires tremendous creativity and flexibility. This makes jobs in the advertising world completely different form an average nine to five position. It is expected to have some degree of maverick attitude and instability in high- performing advertising experts. When Gustavo describes advertising, he says it is a form of applies artistry. There is a definite goal in the world of marketing, but reaching that goal requires an approach that is completely different form the formulaic and bland. This makes the fact that Gustavo is well aware of the business parts of the advertising industry a great thing. After all, he served as the head of many of the top ad agencies. He states that the force behind the marketing dynamo is raw creativity. It is also his responsibility to make sure that the consultancy model is one of the best ways to strike up creativity within the ad industry.


Gustavo also tells us that the consultancy model has been what is driving the marketing industry for the last century. In other words, the consultant is an individual that is talented and offers their services willingly. This makes consultants completely different from employees and they also do not have to go along with the requirements of the nine-to-five lifestyle that can be pretty soul-crushing. When an individual is more creative, they end up being a much more valuable player in the advertising agency. According to Gustavo, true creative geniuses can not simply adapt to severe restriction that the corporate environment imposes. They also do not produce as well if they are treated more like employees that have to report to work everyday or else.


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