How Maarten de Jeu Took The World of Corporate Strategy by Storm

When one is the leader of a sizeable business they often have to ask themselves questions such as: “what direction should my business take or what is the best way to brand my company in a market that is changing every day?” Individuals who are responsible to shareholders and personnel must pose questions to themselves and to their teams about whether or not they should pursue a new line of business in a market that is overseas or if they should focus on investing in their research and development division in order to gain a competitive edge. It goes without saying that these are often difficult and seemingly undecipherable inquiries. However, they are also the kinds of questions that corporate strategists help business leaders answer every day. Learn more:


When there are countless resources on the line the decisions that an executive makes cannot be arrived at in a haphazard fashion. Rather the choices a large corporation makes regarding the use of its resources and the execution of its mission-critical operations must be made in a thoughtful way. The professionals who work in the area of corporate strategy are uniquely positioned to empower business leaders to make strategic decisions that will put their companies on a path towards success. Corporate strategist Maarten de Jeu has spent his career becoming an exemplary model of how individuals who work in the world of corporate strategy can be an asset to their industries. 


Mr. de Jeu embarked on his journey to become a successful professional by laying a strong educational foundation for himself. His educational background is characterized by its rigor and its breadth as Mr. de Jeu has completed studies in various disciplines and at institutions of higher learning that are spread out across the globe. As a graduate student, Maarten de Jeu was enrolled at Leiden University in the Netherlands where he studied public administration and social science. He went on to earn a Master of Arts from Leiden University. After that Mr. de Jeu would go on to build upon the foundation of knowledge that he established at Leiden University by electing to further his education in the United Kingdom. 


Mr. de Jeu decided to attend the University of Oxford where he studied business administration and graduated with a Masters of Business Administration. Having completed studies in both public administration and business administration Mr. de Jeu was granted a holistic view of the issues that managers face as they lead various types of organizations. Mr. de Jeu’s rigorous study in the area of management enabled him to become an effective strategist and advisor to the companies that he has worked for. After graduating Mr. de Jeu went on to work for a company that is known as Aviva in the areas of strategy and corporate development.

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