Jack Plotkin Continues to Guide Virtual Health Innovation

JACK PLOTKIN One of the most important industries in the world today is the healthcare industry, which is ultimately responsible for providing care to people all over the world. While the industry is very large, it also has the reputation for being inefficient. At the same time, it has not been able to incorporate technology very well to reduce costs and make the process easier for patients and healthcare providers. While the healthcare industry has had this reputation for a long time, one company is continuing to change this.

One company that is continuing to provide great service to the healthcare industry through its innovation is Virtual Health. The Virtual Health company has developed a new telemedicine technology that can be used to help people connect with healthcare providers in a far more efficient and convenient manner. While this technology has been around in some capacity for a long time, Virtual Health is taking it to the next level. When you use the Virtual Health telemedicine terminal and related diagnostic tools, you can gain access to a healthcare provider immediately.

During a health consultation through a Virtual Health terminal, you will be able to receive a full evaluation. This can include receiving tips and advice on how to live a healthier life while also receiving updated prescriptions.


The Virtual Health company continues to be led by Jack Plotkin, who is the Chief Technology Officer for the organization. Jack Plotkin has had a long and successful career when it comes to innovation and implementation. Ever since from graduating from Harvard, he has continued to provide leadership roles for companies in the healthcare, financial services, and consulting industries. This has included being a consultant for a variety of Fortune 500 companies.