James Dondero, Investing and Charity

James Dondero is Highland Capital Management’s conscientious President and Co-Founder. He’s a credit and equity wizard who has been a staple in his fields for more than three jam-packed decades so far. He concentrates heavily on both distressed and high-yield investing subjects. Jim Dondero has been a major force for Highland Capital Management throughout the years. James Dondero has guided the way for a firm that has been instrumental in the creation of all kinds of innovative collateralized loan obligation concepts. Jim Dondero knows so much about credit strategies that can be favorable for global investors who are part of the retail and institutional classifications.

Highland Capital Management presents clients with with many varied choices in products. It presents them with everything from private equity funds and hedge funds to exchange-traded funds and even mutual funds. People who want to learn a lot more about real estate investment trusts and how they function often put a lot of energy into Highland Capital Management. Jim Dondero is NexPoint Residential Trust, Inc’s President and Chairman now.

James Dondero studied at a credible Charlottesville, Virginia institution of higher learning. That college was the esteemed University of Virginia. His classes there centered around both finance and accounting.

Certification isn’t a topic that’s at all unfamiliar to this financial executive in Dallas, Texas. Jim Dondero is qualified to refer to himself as being a Chartered Financial Analyst or a CFA. He’s allowed to refer to himself as both a Certified Managerial Accountant and a Certified Public Accountant as well.

Jim Dondero has a schedule that’s pretty chaotic at times. That never ever interferes with his selfless charitable and philanthropic aspirations, however. People who take on all sorts of charitable and philanthropic projects in Dallas tend to know a lot about this painstaking and thoughtful man.