LocationSmart – Asset Tracking

The importance of creating a system to track your assets is one of the top need-to-know items in business. The ability to successfully track and target these assets is better left for those big business partners that can shell out the cash. The level of creativity needed to create these programs and efforts on your own can be daunting. This is where the LocationSmart team comes to save the day. Their tracking and location services are steadily working to develop and implement plans for businesses globally. These plans are carefully crafted and are made in such a way that they can be viewed as unique from one business to the next.

The idea of tracking cellular data is often difficult when searching via GPS locators or other such expensive systems. If a consumer has the cellular device data turned on, the need for adding this expensive hardware to your budget becomes a non-issue. To better influence the use of consumer cellular data, your location can offer free Wi-Fi connections. Once connected, the consumer will have to allow access to their cellular data to proceed. 9 times out of 10 consumers are going to emit these transmissions, allowing you access to specific locations. This real-time data is priceless for a company. With this information in your back pocket, there are many different avenues of usage where you can help your company excel. LocationSmart comes into play with their ability to present this data in such a way that all business owners can understand. They breakdown the data sets to meet terms of asset tracking for logistical needs, the ability to create new marketing campaigns for perspective customers, and the capturing of real-time data without having to put a consumer at the risk of fraudulent activity.

The idea of blocking or screening this allowance as a consumer was easily met in the past when commuting with international travel or roaming on their devices. LocationSmart has used its proprietary measures to ensure the capture of this data when either of these two instances present themselves. It keeps a strong line of access between the business and consumer data sets. In order to compete with an ever-changing market, this real-time data is crucial to foster quick advancements. The learning curve involved with the invention of new technology often is pitted against a training period needed to foster learning. To keep your to learning and still pulling the results from your data sets whenever you need, you can help your entire office stay ahead of this curve. The LocationSmart difference truly helps businesses stay relevant when pitted against the modern advancements that are happening daily. Tracking assets, working with new marketing efforts, and competing with real-time data sets are three of the many reasons why LocationSmart becomes that top choice of business providers. LocationSmart also holds one of the heaviest interest in foreign markets, creating the desire to breakthrough to a global market within the next few years. Creating global outreach will check off all the boxes you need to keep your business operating to the full extent.


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