LocationSmart Makes Geolocation Accessible to Partners

A global economy places certain expectations on a business, like having an open connection to partners and customers while your team works remotely.

LocationSmart helps meet that demand through IP geolocation, keeping track of where mobile platforms are, whether on the open internet or an exclusive network. How this ability to remain connected benefits a business may not always be clear.

One reason to have LocationSmart on your side is dealing with regulations. If an online gaming business wants to operate in many governments and cities, they’ll have to identify where an IP user is when trying to access their lobby.

LocationSmart specializes in identifying these locations, and can keep a business compliant with those regulations. It can also be used to set user caps for their servers, cutting down on lag when streaming.

Any business that relies on technology must worry about security. A malicious actor can bypass existing security measures with some know-how, and take control of an account.

This can lead to loss for a business, and keep legitimate users from wanting to engage. Knowing where a fraudulent user accessed an account can notify administrators when to intervene and secure their network.

Security goes beyond server and account access. Businesses need IP location to monitor physical devices in the wild. A closed network is useful for a business that has teams working away from the office.

They might be using a laptop inside their vehicle, or a tablet, but if they’re connecting from an IP that doesn’t sync up with where those employees might be, it might be a sign that the device has been stolen or accessed remotely by a third party. Knowing this improves loss prevention, and it can present data about productivity.

Streaming businesses benefit greatly from a partner like LocationSmart. Relying on authorized users to make new content and keeping a streaming platform open, means having a subscription model.

But often times these paying accounts get shared between multiple people, or those initial users use their access in order to pirate the content there and distribute it elsewhere. If an account is regularly accessed by multiple IPs can indicate password sharing. This gives the streaming business a chance to decide how to deal with that user or their policy on user access.

IP geolocation isn’t just useful when it comes to security. When a business is ready to start an ad campaign, knowing where it’s prospective customers live and work, and which demographics are more open to their message. Read more:  LocationSmart | Wikipedia and LocationSmart | Capterra

This makes the difference between push notifications and personalized phone calls. Such data can determine if a smart ad is more useful than distributing promo codes.

LocationSmart’s data offerings go beyond security needs and profit expansion. They can help partners become more familiar with technology and take their place among businesses ready to meet the challenges of a global economy.

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