LocationSmart: Managing Mobile Devices Efficiently

The Modern World and Added Efficiency

The modern world strives to find new and efficient ways to manage mobile devices along with electronic interfaces. Developers, business and consumer applications have been motivated to find and implement solutions that will foster the following:

* location insights

* access controls

* device profiling

* fraud prevention capabilities

* access controls

* transaction verifications

LocationSmart is ready to provide the consumer with all of the above along with extra advantages too. This is accomplished with the use of a powerful API platform. The platform provides the following:

* A secure space

* a cloud-based approach

* multi-source

This platform has proven to work very well. It does not require the application to be installed. Updated technology provides real-time insights about location. This is for connected devices all across the globe. Include the following:

* computers

* smartphones

* laptops

* M2M/IoT assets

* tablets

The management of electronic interfaces mobile devices must be done in an efficient and controlled manner in this modern world.


Accessibility: Complete Location Services

LocationSmart is known for being one of the top and most comprehensive LaasS platforms. This is location-as-a-service. It provides intelligence in terms of the locations. A business greatly benefits from this type of intelligence. It is beneficial to the business that provides mobile services. The engagement services have been improved with this added efficiency. Include the following devices in the services

* consumers

* assets

* workers

This is leadership in the cloud location services market. This company serves a broad range of clients. Include entrepreneurial startups and the Fortune 500. The goal has been to change the way companies conduct their business. Adding extra efficiency and productivity has been included. LocationSmart has left the largest footprint in the market because it delivers the broadest reach while being easy and practical at the same time.


Report by Cisco: Utilizing For or More Devices

It is predicted that by the year 2021 people throughout the world will utilize at least four connected devices every day. This is according to a report by Cisco. The unique IP address will identify the devices. Determining their exact location at any given time.. When they connect to a computer network, businesses have a large advantage which tend to increase efficiencies in many ways. Insights and IP geolocation make it possible for a business to obtain and retrieve important information which optimizes internal processes. Expanding capabilities that improve bottom lines and other compelling services is the outcome for end users.


Prevention: Online Fraud

It is possible for a business to broaden the use of IP location. IP intelligence has the ability to discourage online fraud. IP address identification is currently a common practice that is used by a business when a customer logs in their online accounts. LocationSmart’s IP based insights will provide useful information. this information includes the the use of the device. Determining the exact location is useful in preventing online fraud. It will determine if it is using the following:

* hosting facilities

* proxies

* anonymizers

This leads to an increase in detecting potential fraud. The added information will give a business the ability to implement any new protocols in order to freeze accounts, deny service and activate any step up protocols. Preventing any fraudulent activities is the outcome. It also helps to raise customer satisfaction and their confidence.


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