Marc Beer Reviews The Renovia’s Leva Pelvic Digital Therapeutic Study

From 1987 to the 1990s, Marc Beer pursued a career in marketing and sales with a strong focus in
the pharmaceutical and biotech industry. He worked for Abbott Laboratories and Genzyme and
gained much knowledge in the commercialization and development of biotechnology and
diagnostics. In the 2000s, Beer started a variety of companies including ViaCell and the most
recent business startup, Renovia which he established in 2017 with Dr. Iglesias and Yolanda Lorie.
Renovia is a med-technology company in Boston, Massachusetts specializing in the development
and testing of therapeutic and diagnostic devices. After the release of the company’s pilot study of
the Leva Pelvic Digital device, Marc is proud of its positive results.

The Renovia Pilot Study comprised 23 women in pre-menopausal with pelvic floor disorders which
lasted for six weeks. The objective of the study was to measure the usability and effectivity of the
Leva’s therapeutic technology in improving quality of life activities, PFM function, and urinary
incontinence. Each participant had to perform PFM exercises under the supervision of a research
assistant for five days weekly as an out-patient. Participants also had training sessions in the
privacy of their homes using the Leva pelvic digital therapeutic and diagnosis technology. Marc
Beer had the study published in Neurology & Urodynamics on August 7th, 2019 with positive
reviews and results.

Review Of The Renovia Pilot Study
 87 percent of the women showed a resolution of stress urinary incontinence symptoms.
 74 percent of the participants reported more high levels of improvement in UI symptoms.
 All the women reported improvement in general urinary incontinence symptoms.
 Participants with mixed UI reported resolution of urgency UI component.
 One percent of the women found the study was frustrating mildly because of its incontinence.
 99 percent improvement rate in the participants’ IIQ-7 scores.
 All participants except for one reported the Leva pelvic digital therapeutic and diagnostic
devices were easy to use.
 Symptoms reduced after the first week of the training sessions.
 Significant reduction in urinary incontinence symptoms and negative impact of UI during daily
activities performance. Learn more:

The FDA approved Renovia’s Leva Pelvic Digital Therapeutic in 2018 for use in the United States.
Marc Beer sees the results of the Renovia Pilot Study promising in furthering the expansion of the
product to help relieve the UI symptoms in women diagnosed with pelvic floor disorders. Since
starting Renovia, the Miami University graduate mission is to bring awareness of the effectiveness
of Leva’s products in reducing and eliminating the symptoms of pelvic floor disorders. Renovia is
also testing three other Leva developments which are solutions to strengthening the muscles of the

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