Mathew Fleeger offer the best to Gulf Coast Western

Mathew Fleeger is among the people in the professional business world. At the Gulf Coast Western, he offers his services as the president. Through his experience in the oil and gas sector, waste management, and tanning industries has made him an expert. Also, in different areas like team building, contract negotiation and strategic planning he is well skilled. At the MedSolution he is the founder, the company deals with treatment and disposal of medical waste. Mathew managed the company for 13 years until he decided to sell it to Stericycle Inc. In taking different positions in oil and gas companies is what contributed to the experience that he gained.

The main focus of Gulf Coast Western Company is that in the Gulf Coast is the exploration and lease acquisition. The other thing is that the company hopes that in the future they will develop several acres that have potential. To achieve the set goals, all over the country the company has partnered with different accredited institutions. Many of the partnered institution with Gulf Coast Western they are in joint ventures. There is 70 percent of the firms that have entered a joint venture with the company. The other thing that’s well recognized about the company is its business integrity and ethics. It has overseen them getting an A-plus rating from the Better Business Bureau.

One of the companies that have been so involved with Gulf Coast Western is Orbit Gulf Coast exploration. The other partnership was with Northcote energy ltd. In the business, Gulf Coast Western gained 50 percent of the interest that the company was receiving. Because of the connection, Gulf Coast Western has been able to expand its services to the shoats creek field. The other partnership is multi-level drilling companies based in Wilcox, Frio, and Cockfield. In the future Gulf Coast Western Company has goals that they will gain 50 percent of the salt water disposal company.