Nathaniel Ru Noble Idea to Encourage Healthy Eating through Sweetgreen

A casual fast food phenomenon, Sweetgreen has taken the market by storm with its offerings of delicious of salad and quick lunch. According to an article published by Business Insider on March 2016, customers are lining up at Sweetgreen to take a bite at the tasty and reasonably priced food in the same manner they line to acquire the latest iPhone. The chain started out in 2007 in Washington, DC before expanding to 40 chains in cities such as New York and LA. The idea to start the restaurant was born out of the belief that people want a healthy, delicious and environmentally friendly dining experience.


One of the strategies attributed to Sweetgreen’s success is the clever way of picking locations. The chain uses a host of parameters, key among them demographics analysis. Ru told Business Insider that the timing of store opening was just as important as the number of stores the chain operates. He points out that Sweetgreen opened its first store in New York in the chic Nomad neighborhood located on 28th and Broadway, away from clustered first food chains located on 28th street. The move sets Sweetgreen apart from other chains such as Chipotle. The other Sweetgreen locations in New York include Williamsburg, Tribeca and Nolita.


The aura that greets you when you get into a Sweetgreen store is eerily similar to the kind you get when you step into an Apple store. First on line are clean lines and smiling faces followed by a reassuring feel. The essence of service design which the restaurant espouses is a culmination of a number of things, including storytelling, technology and design aspect. Food orders can be done in store or using the Sweetgreen app, that mimics the store experience. Already 30 percent of the chain’s clients order their food using the app. The chain is also committed to the idea of working with farmers and landowners to minimize food wastage.


About Nathaniel Ru

Nathaniel Ru stands tall as the Cofounder and CEO of Sweetgreen. According to the website Startuphoyas, Ru is an expert in startups, restaurants, retailing, event management and food service. He graduated in 2007 from the McDonough School of Business at Georgetown University with a BSc in Finance. During the same year, Ru started Sweetgreen at the heart of Georgetown. Today, the casual fast food chain operates in over 6 states. To enhance the chain’s offerings, Ru launched Sweet life, a premier music and food festival in 2010. The store hopes to expand its business further, thanks to the partnership it has forged with various VCs. In 2015, the chain completed 3 rounds of venture capital funding that brought $95 million, an excerpt published by Bloomberg reveals.


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