Newswatch TV Reviews Covers Technology, Entertainment and Safety Devices

Newswatch is a cutting edge morning news show that helps individuals stay up to date on current technologies and news related stories. A popular segment is the tech report that in depth discusses toys, gadgets and new technologies that discuss basic operation and cost of these items. App watch is another popular segment that covers new and old apps for people to consider installing or removing from their smart devices.

Beyond the technology Newswatch also has a biz segment in their broadcast that goes over hot to watch business trends. Some trends may include smart device hearing aids and neighborhood smart device charging stations. The end of the Newswatch show is concluded with an entertainment wrap up that covers movies and celebrity interviews. In addition to watching Newswatch directly on their website fans can also follow them on Facebook, Twitter and other social media outlets.

With such a wide variety of broadcasts to watch it can be difficult to choose just one. The OWL Auto Escape Tool broadcast is of important interest to those who have ever felt trapped in an emergency situation. What happens if you are trapped in your own car? There can be situations where rolling down a window or opening a door is an impossible task. The OWL emergency escape device is the size of a credit card. It is installed at the top of the window where the window meets the upper door frame. Simply tugging on it will immediately shatter the entire window which allows quick escape from a vehicle. The Owl is comprised of a carbine tip and uses vibrations to shatter the glass. An individual’s strength is not a factor when utilizing the owl. Children and seniors can easily safely shatter a window with it. Newswatch features several videos about safety and trending items to keep consumers in the know about new products such as the Owl.