Unitel CEO Isabel dos Santos Brings New Job Opportunities To Angola

Isabel dos Santos has been recognized as one of the world’s most influential women. This is according to a report released by the BBC in 2015. Her accomplishments in her own career, as well as in business development and philanthropy, have been notable. Isabel is actively involved in the efforts for further development of Africa as a whole and specifically of Angola.

Isabel dos Santos is Angolan, and she hails from a notorious family in the African country. Her father served as president of the country for more than four decades. She is in her mid-forties, and her work experience has been primarily on the management level in several different sectors. Isabel has worked for employers whose focus includes media, infrastructure, technology, and more. Check out on her Twitter for more information.

As the chief executive officer of Unitel International, Isabel is helping to build and vastly improve the economic environment in Angola. The company brings a range of advanced technologies to the area’s residents and businesses. With the influx of advanced global technology available to Angola, Isabel seeks to develop more industry and jobs. She has been involved in the furthering of 50,000 additional job opportunities, and that has made a great impact on Angola’s population.

Another area beyond technology in which Isabel dos Santos excels in is her experience in the field of infrastructure and transportation. Isabel dos Santos founded a trucking business in the early 2000s. Her expansive business expertise covers numerous aspects of the challenges faced in the global economy. She has led several companies and serves on the boards of others as a member and part owner.

Isabel dos Santos is considered amongst the richest women in Africa. Part of her wealth comes from her family, and a large part comes from the success and profitability of her own business ventures. Isabel’s professional endeavors also include public speaking. She has been present at many widely attended national and international seminars, meetings and forums to share her views and perspective on the current and future economic trends.

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New ViSalus President Blake Mallen Uses His Marketing Experience To Move The Health Brand Forward

ViSalus is on quite an upward path in the nutrition marketplace, and that path has now spanned past a decade. Blake Mallen is partially responsible for this, since he was among the three ViSalus founders years ago. Mr. Sarnicola and Mr. Blair were the others. Bringing, via ViSalus, a healthy direct sales offering of shakes has propelled this team financially, and Mallen in particular has found marketing to suit his sales oriented set of skills. Leading the vital marketing department at ViSalus is how Mr. Mallen proved himself before ultimately finding himself even more elevated in that company’s structure. Helping the entity’s trajectory towards thriving is what allowed the presidency role to recently fall upon Blake, and a major task for Mr. Mallen es now expanding his nutrition company further.


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Blake Mallen being among the ViSalus member base is cetainly fortunate for the weight management oriented company, and his presidency will aid in the profit gathering of ViSalus from this nutritional market. A leader with Mallen’s experience is quite enviable with regards to this nutritional brand sphere, and when strengths of Mallen are added to the strengths of Ryan Blair, ViSalus CEO, it is difficult for any peer health businesses to keep pace with ViSalus. Via Mallen’s marketing understanding, the group’s direct sales saw a sum o $2 billion during a certain period, and that could be dwarfed if the global ViSalus efforts continue.

Though Los Angeles, California, still acts as ViSalus headquarters, the group’s reach now goes across twelve countries in the European region. With both ViSalus and Blake Mallen becoming increasingly prominent as far as nutritional brands are concerned, he team of both Blake Mallen and Blair can leverage ViSalus resources and their experience to press for further ViSalus expansion. Getting into other nutritional markets is among Blake Mallen’s tasks as company president, and this will necessitate challenge for not only president Mallen, but also CEO Blair and the entirety of the ViSalus team. Dedication seems to be a professional commonality for Blair and Mallen, and this has thus far proven advantageous though the organization’s lengthy and lucrative existence.

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Steve Lesnard Provides Advice for Today’s Digital Marketing Driven Business World

In today’s business world, social media platforms can allow a firm’s marketing to reach more people than ever. With the low cost and twenty-four-hour availability, companies are turning towards digital marketing to create brand awareness. However, success is predicated upon the proper use of these tools. Marketing expert Steve Lesnard explains that there are two key points businesses should focus on in order ensure their brand breaks through the masses when operating in these mass mediums.

First and foremost, Lesnard advises that marketing teams keep the product story simple and straight forward. Although this can be difficult, it is the only to grab and hold the attention of the consumer in the immediately gratifying fast paced world. Companies should focus on the characteristics that make their brand better and how it can enhance the consumer’s life. Steve Lesnard advises that by keeping the message concise and simple a business can reach a broader consumer base and increase their profit potential

The second most important factor in digital marketing, according to Steve Lesnard, is creating a customer experience. Marketers should create a story that encompasses the emotions and effects the customer will encounter when using their product or service. The story line will provide a catalyst to include the benefits that are being rendered to the client.

By using the social media market tools correctly, businesses can leverage their brand positioning to reach more consumers and potential customers. Advertising teams should focus on creating a story line for the product or service they are trying to create awareness around. The story should contain all of the benefits and features that illuminate the product’s competitive edge. Additionally, marketers should ensure their campaigns are direct and to the point in order to hold the attention of the potential customer reviewing the ad on a social media platform. As Mr. Lesnard conveys, if a company can maintain high standards on these two points within their digital marketing, the brand can penetrate through and leave a lasting effect on the consumers it touches.

LocationSmart Makes Geolocation Accessible to Partners

A global economy places certain expectations on a business, like having an open connection to partners and customers while your team works remotely.

LocationSmart helps meet that demand through IP geolocation, keeping track of where mobile platforms are, whether on the open internet or an exclusive network. How this ability to remain connected benefits a business may not always be clear.

One reason to have LocationSmart on your side is dealing with regulations. If an online gaming business wants to operate in many governments and cities, they’ll have to identify where an IP user is when trying to access their lobby.

LocationSmart specializes in identifying these locations, and can keep a business compliant with those regulations. It can also be used to set user caps for their servers, cutting down on lag when streaming.

Any business that relies on technology must worry about security. A malicious actor can bypass existing security measures with some know-how, and take control of an account.

This can lead to loss for a business, and keep legitimate users from wanting to engage. Knowing where a fraudulent user accessed an account can notify administrators when to intervene and secure their network.

Security goes beyond server and account access. Businesses need IP location to monitor physical devices in the wild. A closed network is useful for a business that has teams working away from the office.

They might be using a laptop inside their vehicle, or a tablet, but if they’re connecting from an IP that doesn’t sync up with where those employees might be, it might be a sign that the device has been stolen or accessed remotely by a third party. Knowing this improves loss prevention, and it can present data about productivity.

Streaming businesses benefit greatly from a partner like LocationSmart. Relying on authorized users to make new content and keeping a streaming platform open, means having a subscription model.

But often times these paying accounts get shared between multiple people, or those initial users use their access in order to pirate the content there and distribute it elsewhere. If an account is regularly accessed by multiple IPs can indicate password sharing. This gives the streaming business a chance to decide how to deal with that user or their policy on user access.

IP geolocation isn’t just useful when it comes to security. When a business is ready to start an ad campaign, knowing where it’s prospective customers live and work, and which demographics are more open to their message. Read more:  LocationSmart | Wikipedia and LocationSmart | Capterra

This makes the difference between push notifications and personalized phone calls. Such data can determine if a smart ad is more useful than distributing promo codes.

LocationSmart’s data offerings go beyond security needs and profit expansion. They can help partners become more familiar with technology and take their place among businesses ready to meet the challenges of a global economy.

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A Move Towards the Future: SoftBank Group Corp’s Acquisition of Fortress Investment Group

Focused on the Information Revolution, SoftBank Group Corporation is a global technology firm that is the driving force behind the Information Revolution. Its global portfolio comprises of companies providing and advancing internet services, telecommunication, artificial intelligence, and clean energy technology. Looking to move forward with the Information Technology SoftBank Group Corporation formed the SoftBank Vision Fund as of May 2017 to invest internationally in businesses that are the leaders in moving the Information Revolution into its next stage. At the time they held $93 billion capital committed to the investment of these businesses.

As of today, SoftBank Group Corp has announced the completion of the acquisition of Fortress Investment Group for $3.3 billion in cash. SoftBank Group Corporation now owns all shares of the alternative-investment firm and its subsidiaries, after meeting the previously agreed upon terms of the transaction receiving all necessary approval for the acquisition of Fortress Investment Group in July of 2017. At the conclusion of the sale of the alternative-investment firm to SoftBank Group Corporation, the bought shares converted to $8.08 per share; to be distributed accordingly as merger proceeds, as stated in the Fortress Definitive Proxy listed under the Merger Agreement dated for June of 2017.

As a result of the acquisition, SoftBank Group Corporation consolidated the finances of Fortress Investment Group. SoftBank Group Corporation removed all stocks on the New York Stock Exchange for the alternative-investment firm’s final financial results to be added onto SoftBank Group Corporation’s consolidated financial statement. Even though purchased by SoftBank Group Corporation, Fortress Investment Group remains in operation as an independent business keeping its headquarters location in New York. Peter Briger, Wes Edens, and Randy Nardone remain in their original position as principals under the direction of SoftBank Group Corporation. Already having strong leadership, it is the intention of SoftBank Group Corporation to maintain the current leadership, personnel, business model, and brand that has made the alternative-investment firm such a success thus far.

Learn more about  Fortress Investment Group : https://www.fortress.com/

Vijay Eswaran and Living Timeless Values

Cure for Modern Day Stress

In a recently published book, Vijay Eswaran shows how modern-day workers can relieve stress. Vijay Eswaran calls this method the “Sphere of Silence, which is a tip he received from his grandfather as a child. HE said his grandfather showed him a way in which he found a way to lock himself away daily in a place where he didn’t speak for to anyone and took our all distraction from his life. During this time he did self-maintenance, which is a way of looking at the core values in one’s life. Vijay Eswaran recommends the practice of the Sphere of Silence to his associates at QI Group as a method of coming to stable and personally satisfying values in their life.

Purpose of Sphere of Silence

The purpose of this time in silences, according to Vijay Eswaran, is to come to the deepest values that motivate one’s life. Often we end up following the motivations of others and end up spending our life trying to live in the footsteps of other, but rarely spending time with ourself to find out the organic values that spring from our own life. People that live on the surface level of themselves are prone to burn out quickly, whereas those who learn to dig deeper and reach into the emotional level of why they do what they do have a natural rhythm with themselves and are motivated by personal values rather than values in which they have no emotional attachment; in other words, values which are not integrated with their own inner values. Vijay Eswaran uses examples like Picasso and Mahatma Gandhi who used silence to enter into deeper leaves of themselves.

Not Yoga

Vijay Eswaran forewarns others that the “sphere is silence” is not a gimmick nor a method of creating a state of Nirvana, nor it is a time in which a person locks himself away, crosses his legs an tries to reach a level of total consciousness with the universe. IN short, the sphere of silence is more about getting in practical touch with oneself and getting the deepest motivation available to oneself, which is reaching the “why” we do things rather than the “how” we do things.

Founder of QI Group

Vijay Eswaran is the founder of QI group which is a multi-level MLM group that is a marketing business located in 30 countries, launched in 1989, and today has a net worth of $1 billion. Vijay Eswaran came to the idea after years of research into what would be a good way in which he could make money after college. He was at first on the fence about network marketing, but after more consideration, he saw this type of marketing as the method in which many of the world’s problems could be solved. Vijay Eswaran is the recipient of many awards and honors both from prestigious universities as well as from multi-national corporations, and Advisory Councils. He is an active Chairman of QUIP. Vijay Eswaran is the author of 6 books that have become bestsellers. His latest book Two Seconds from the Abyss, reveals the 11 Pillars of Self-Management Vijay Eswaran has used to direct his own life.

Colbeck Capital Management – An Example of Corporate Financing Success

Colbeck Capital Management out of New York, NY provides the corporate sector with financial solutions for the complex corporate business world. Founded in 1999 by Jason Beckman and Jason Pierce Colodne, the company has grown to offer a full-suite of financial services that help companies obtain secured, strategic loans.

According to their website, colbeck.com, strategic capital options from Colbeck Capital Management are made available to its lenders with the following goals:

  • Senior Secured Loans (Asset-Based, Cash Flow, Enterprise Value)
  • Second Lien / Mezzanine and Structured Equity Financing
  • Debtor in Possession (DIP) and Exit Financing
  • Unfunded commitments and synthetic letters of credit
  • Short or long-dated maturities
  • Flexible covenants

The Colbeck website also lists six benefits of a loan through its company. Those benefits are geared toward addressing six potential problem areas that includes:

  • Tight timeframes and high complexity
  • Management buyouts and unsponsored / pre-sponsored opportunities
  • Cash or PIK interest
  • Multi-constituent restructurings
  • Previously unbanked companies and underbanked industries
  • Non-traditional assets

15 Colbeck Capital Management employees handle the company’s services. Co-Founders Beck and Colodne are actively involved in those efforts. Both men serve as managing partners. The company handles their clients’ financial needs from their 7th Avenue offices in Manhattan.

The ability for Colbeck Capital Management to deliver global financial solutions within the complex international business community, as well as their expert opinion, has been featured in several positive media stories. Among those articles are stories from publications found online.

An online report from MarketWatch in April of this year highlighted Colbeck Captial Management’s hand in a loan valued at approximately $65 million. Business Wire reported that same month on the loan agreement as well. The deal included $40 million for current debts and $25 million for future investments. The beneficiary of the loan was Limbach Holdings, Inc.

Turning to the Colbeck Capital Management Crunchbase profile, more examples of the company’s economic prowess can be found. The aforementioned $65 million deal is the not the biggest loan pot the company has brewed. On March 3rd of this year, Colbeck Capital Management made $100 million available to Summit Risk Advisors, a parent company for nine insurance agencies. The deal was highlighted this May in a story posted online by Insurance Journal.

For more information interested companies can go online to colbeck.com, or they can call the team at Colbeck Capital Management. That phone number is 212-603-2800. Colbeck Capital Management can also be found through social media. The company has a Facebook page, and they have also have a LinkedIn profile. Almost 500 people follow them on LinkedIn. The Facebook page appears to be a generic page not utilized by the company. One of the company’s founders and managing partners does have a Twitter account. Jason Colodne joined Twitter in 2012. His social media activity, like the company, appears minimal. His inactive account has nine followers, and Colodne has only made two tweets.

Why Peter Briger is Popular in the American Market

Peter Briger is a name that commands respect in the business world. The executive is among the few elites who are appearing in the Forbes 400 business professionals. For several years, the experienced leader has held the role of co-chair and president in Fortress Investment Group. Previously, the finance guru served as a partner in Goldman Sachs. The experience he got when serving in this prestigious company helped him to make Fortress Investment Group better. Many individuals who interacted with Peter Briger when he was serving in Goldman Sach say that he was hard working and fully committed to the duties of a partner.

The decision to join Fortress Investment Group changed the life of the billionaire positively. The American based investor took on the role of leading the real estate department in Fortress Investment Group, increasing the profits of the company significantly. The visionary business leader is also the head of a credit fund in the financial investment firm, and he takes all his responsibilities well. Unlike the other two partners in the financial services company, Peter Briger joined Fortress Investment Group when it was already doing well in the market. The other partners wanted to bring in a new face to handle the real estate market and help to increase the company profits. Many individuals in the market wanted the role, but Peter Briger was the ideal professional.

Briger’s portfolio indicates that he is an MBA graduate from the prestigious University of Pennsylvania. His first degree is from the University of Princeton. When he got the kind of education he wanted, the business leader did not hesitate to join the company of his dreams. Goldman Sachs needed the services of a qualified finance professional, and they settled on Peter because of his academic background. With the basics of the profession, Briger did so well, working in the institution for almost two decades. When leaving, the executive had the role of partner, and he accomplished so much. One of the major topics that make the finance consultant influential in Fortress Investment Group is crypto assets. The entrepreneur has guided investors to earn so much while investing in different crypto assets.

Learn more about Peter Briger : https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fortress_Investment_Group

Jeremy Goldstein’s Lawyer Prowess

Before becoming one of New York’s best corporate attorneys, Jeremy Goldstein was a collegiate overachiever. Not only did he graduate from Cornell University with a Bachelor’s of Arts degree, but he graduated with distinction in all subjects as well. Next, he earned a Master’s of Arts from the University of Chicago before returning to New York and earning his Juris Doctor (law degree) from New York University.

After graduation, he joined a law firm that specialized in corporate law. He quickly began a partner at the firm due to his unique strategy of getting to know his clients. Shortly after making partner, Goldstein noticed several executive compensation consulting firms branching out on their own and finding success as independent entities.

Today, Jeremy Goldstein is a partner at his own law firm, which specializes in corporate governance and executive compensation. His firm also advises CEOs, management teams, and compensation committees. To date, Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates has worked on some of the largest corporate transactions over the last 10 years.

Goldstein and Associates became the top corporate law firm thanks to Goldstein’s approach to working with clients. While most attorneys saw their clients as successes and failures or paydays; Jeremy Goldstein used a friendlier approach and got to know his clients to better understand what they needed out of their particular transaction.

Using his open-communication approach, Goldstein earned himself on the American Bar Association’s Mergers & Acquisition Subcommittee. He’s also considered the foremost expert on matters involving executive compensation and corporate governance. He even travels the country giving speeches on these issues.

Aside from his professional excellence, Goldstein is also an avid supporter of Fountain House, a New York-based charity dedicated to the recovery of men and women suffering from mental illness. Having New York’s best corporate attorney speaking publicly goes a long way toward removing the stigma surrounding mental illness.

As an attorney who works with clients during highly stressful situations, Goldstein’s seen his share of people who needed more than his help but didn’t get it. Sadly, many people suffering from mental illness don’t realize most mental illnesses can be easily treated or even cured.

The greatest way Goldstein helps Fountain House is by raising awareness. For the past two years, Jeremy Goldstein’s held luxurious wine dinners on top of the Nomad Hotel overlooking the New York skyline. His first dinner was such a success; guests begged him to throw a second later that year. Now, Jeremy Goldstein throws at least one wine dinner every year overlooking the New York skyline.


To learn more, visit https://gazetteday.com/2019/05/new-york-attorney-jeremy-goldstein-charitable-wine-dinner/.

Steve Ritchie Leading the Way for Papa John’s

When it comes to Steve Ritchie, here’s what you should know. Mr. Ritchie began his career with Papa John’s pizza company in 1996, as an hourly customer service representative. He has now been with the company for over 23 years and during this time, he has learned firsthand about each role that the company has and must maintain to be successful.

Steve Ritchie has been the President and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the pizza company since 2015 when he took over the reins. His time working as an hourly employee has helped him understand the path that needs to take to achieve employee and customer satisfaction. His career with Papa John’s as the customer service representative Mr. Ritchie ventured on and become a franchise owner in 2006. As an owner of a franchise, his leadership operating his franchise, he developed the skills to enable him to take on additional roles for the Papa John’s company.

Papa John’s is the world’s 3rd largest pizza delivery company and Mr. Ritchie strives for the company to continue to be a leader in the global development of the company, increase the brand marketing and keep in line with the digital revolution. Mr. Ritchie is in charge of 120,000 corporate and franchise members and operates 5000 stores.

Mr. Ritchie maintains the philosophy that the “best ingredient is the team members”, and that his employees may advance their careers within the company through their hard work and dedication and be recognized for their efforts. He has been working towards improving the culture of Papa John’s by requiring the employees to complete training in “bias and diversity’, since taking on the leadership role with the company. He works to ensure that along with maintaining employee trust, every aspect that the company provides is top-notch. This includes the best ingredients for the product that will result in happy employees and satisfied customers.

During his career with Papa John’s, Mr. Ritchie has worked very hard at becoming the best leader he could be. His strong leadership skills have been recognized and he strives to make sure that his employees are recognized for their work and dedication at making the company a pizza leader in the world. He works to ensure that employees have a “safe place to talk openly”, and that each employee feels that they are important to the company. Steve Ritchie has been a true asset to Papa John’s.