Serge Belamant Founder Of Blockchain Technology

Serge Belamant is the famous founding patent holder of blockchain technologies. Block chain technology is seen as the driving force that can rival or maybe even surpass crypto currencies. Crypto currency has been recently making waves and grabbing the attention of many global investors over the past couple of years, with Bitcoin and Ehtereum leading the cypto pack. These are seen as forces that will revolutionize the global economy.

However, many industry professionals highlighted the Serge Belmant’s blockchain technology can easily stand alone without crypto currency. In fact, they view that blockchain has outrivaled crypto. Only time will be able to tell which technology is the last one standing. But one thing is sure, many industries today now already rely on blockchain technology to be able to do their business transactions.

Serge Belamant is an innovative man that is seen as the instrumental factor that developed block chain applications. He utilized smart cards containing microprocessors that have the capacity to function online or offline. The capacity to function offline is a huge boost and advancement.

Blockchain technology is always compared to a ledger of records. But Serge Belamant crafted it in such a way that the information contained therewith are easily linked together and encrypted for added safety. On top of that, each ledger is embedded with crucial data protections features, including a time stamp.

Serge Belamant said that he envisioned blockchain technology to help financial services sector. It is there for security and transparency. On top of that, the accuracy of data is guaranteed making worldwide transactions possible. With many systems now becoming old, decrepit, and inefficient, the ability of block chain technology can come in handy to make everything more trust worthy and reliable.

That being said, financial transactions are only a small fraction of what blockchain technology is capable of performing. Serge Belamant sees that his patent will play a critical role in the future of global economy because it has the capacity to affect things like costs, contracts, labor-intensive businesses. These operations can be made smoother with the infusion of block chain technology. It has the capacity to reduce inaccuracies and errors, which are vital in business because it has detrimental consequences that can affect company outcomes on a large scale.

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Admirable Leadership Of Mauricio Mendonca Godoy

Maurício Mendonça Godoy is one of the most successful Brazilian leaders who have contributed significantly to the growth of Brazil’s economy. He plays significant roles in the business sector in the community. He is popularly known for his incredible style of working and his leadership skills. He is currently the Chief Executive Officer of Toyo Setal a professional construction engineering company.

Through the excellent leadership of Maurício Mendonça Godoy, Toyo Setal has gained great recognition all over the world. It is mainly contracted to perform numerous diverse engineering works. Mauricio portrays excellent leadership skills that offer direction to other employees. He ensures that all team members have the necessary knowledge and skills to focus on achieving the company’s goals. Mauricio Mendonca Godoy always selects a compatible team to perform diverse tasks simultaneously and enhancing success. He always encourages the team to learn to attend to multiple tasks and ensuring they are done efficiently.

Mauricio Mendonca Godoy is always confident and most importantly works hard to achieve set goals. As a good leader, he embraces good interactions with his fellow team members at Toyo Setal. He always makes sure that he engages them in all activities concerning the organization. When bringing ideas to life, he allows the team members to put across their opinions and insights. They discuss them together and come up with quality decisions on how to implement certain ideas or solve a problem. This way, the team members get a sense of belonging and responsibility. They, therefore, work harder to perfect in all their activities.

Positively influencing people’s lives is one character that defines Maurício Mendonça Godoy. He is caring and always hopes to reach out to many people as possible so that he can help in improving their living conditions and lives as well. Despite being on a higher level than his customers are, he always seeks ways through which he can positively change their lives. He equally treats everyone, which is evident in the workplace.

Maurício Mendonça Godoy has a great passion for philanthropic acts. He feels satisfied with his work once he is able to help as many people as possible. He hopes to consistently offer a hand where he is needed.

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OSI Group and the Food Sector

OSI Group is the name of a sizable company that operates in the United States currently. It’s aided McDonalds and plentiful other major names. It’s a global force that offers foodservice clients all sorts of indispensable products. It offers them all varieties of effective practices that can strengthen daily efficiency as well. People recognize the substantial business for all sorts of reasons. It even was an initial source of ingredients for McDonalds, an enormous fast food chain that has branches everywhere. People who are trying to find employment opportunities frequently take the time to assess the OSI Group. That’s due to the fact that company recruits fresh new employees consistently.

Jobseekers have all sorts of incentives to strive to work for this company from the United States. It’s been catering to clients for more than a century at this point. It’s a business that thinks that its team members are 100 percent instrumental to all of its accomplishments. Accomplishments are and have always been the thing that pushes the business to the forefront daily. It caters to jobseekers who are situated in all different sections of the planet. These sections include European nations such as Spain, Poland, Hungry, the United Kingdom and Germany.

Baho Group is the name of a company that hails from the Netherlands, a country that’s part of Western Europe. OSI not long ago purchased the business. Baho Group, in a nutshell, is a business that produces everything from treats to meats. It’s equipped with five separate sectors. It has facilities in both the Netherlands and Germany as well. Some of its sectors are Q Smart Life, Gelderland Frischwaren, Bakx Foods, Henry van de Bilt and Vital Convenience. They accommodate individuals who are scattered all throughout close to 20 nations all around the European continent. John Balvers is the professional who functions as the company’s managing supervisor right now. He’s going to collaborate with people who are part of the OSI Group crew. The aim is to set up an expansion method that can be favorable for the two parties and for all of their varied objectives. OSI Group acquires Baho Food

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OSI Group: A Textbook Example of Success

OSI Group is a success story. OSI Group started in 1909 as a small meat market just south of Chicago in Oak Park, Illinois, and is now one of the largest value-added food suppliers in the world. Otto Kolschowsky, a German immigrant, created the business in Oak Park shortly after arriving in America. He then moved his business from Oak Park to Maywood, another Chicago suburb, under the name Otto & Sons. Kolschowsky built his business with high quality products and was able to venture outside of the local area over the next few decades. However, in 1955 Otto & Sons was able to partner with Ray Kroc, the founder of McDonald’s, as the restaurant’s meat supplier. This partnership helped Otto & Sons to remain a profitable business venture, but the company did not simply rely on this relationship; instead, it continued to branch out and thrive on its own. Otto & Sons created machines that shaped meat patties and it developed innovative ways of freezing products. These innovations resulted in the company’s opening of its own plant in the early nineteen-seventies.

By 1975, Otto & Sons had become OSI Industries. The company continued to expand and in 1990s partnered with various companies and created a global presence under the names GenOSI. It then went into India under the name Vista Processed Foods, and then it continued to expand into China in 2002 calling itself OSI China.

Still located in the Chicago area, OSI Group is headquartered in Aurora, Illinois. In 2011, OSI Group added the Culinary Innovation Center to that location. OSI Group’s focus has always been on innovation and customer relations, which is now evident in its practice of tailoring products to meet the customer’s needs. Instead of mass producing a product and peddling it out to possible customers, the OSI Group seeks information from its customers, and then it creates products specifically designed to meet those needs. It is that kind of dedication to customer service that has helped a small meat market located in a Chicago suburb to become the global leader it is today. OSI Group acquires Rose Packing

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Ara Chackerian’s Work in the Healthcare Industry

Ara Chackerian has years of service in the healthcare world. He has built a career working as an investor, entrepreneur and philanthropist. Chackerian has spent more than twenty years taking start-up healthcare companies and building them into successful companies. His resume includes work with some of the most successful companies in the healthcare world. He has demonstrated on several occasions that he has the knowledge and skills to build a successful business.

After graduating college, Ara Chackerian entered the working world. One of his first jobs was co-founding the healthcare company PipelineRx. PipelineRx is a national leader in providing pharmacy services. This company was the first of a number of major companies that Chackerian would either start or work with. This list of companies include TMS Solutions and BMC Diagnostics. These companies have been influential by providing unique and innovative medical solutions. Along with working with very well known companies, Chackerian has also served in a number of leadership roles. For several years he worked as the Executive Vice President of PSS/Medical World. This company is a global leader in providing medical supplies.

Ara Chackerian has always been focused on putting patients first. His company TMS Solutions has been forward thinking in addressing mental health issues like depression. Through lots of research he has discovered the power of TMS (transcranial magnetic stimulation) and has been a huge supporter of this therapy. He ultimately believes it will join medication and talk therapy as a major part of psychiatric care. Over the years this therapy has been particularly effective in treating those suffering from major depressive disorders.

Giving back to others is a major part of Ara Chackerian’s work. He has become well known for his philanthropic work. During his career he has collaborated with non-profit groups like Nor Luyce, CREA Nicaragua, and JUMA Ventures. He continues to be committed to worthy causes all over the world. Find out more about Ara Chackerian:

OSI Group Is Controlled by Sheldon Lavin

A huge percentage of the meat processing industry is controlled by a company called OSI Group. The Chief Executive Officer of this company is a man named Sheldon Lavin. He has received a great deal of acclaim for the way that he has been able to make the company bigger and stronger than other meat processing operations around the world. Lavin has been able to do this by always thinking about the future. He feels that it is very important to innovate instead of being one of the many companies that simply jump on the bandwagon when something becomes popular.

One of the things that Sheldon Lavin is most known for is his use of technology to make the operations of OSI Group faster and more efficient than their rival companies. He has been using automated facilities for many years. This has helped to reduce the overhead of the company and increase their profits at the same time. Lavin is always attending trade shows so he can stay informed about the latest technological advancements that are being made in the meat processing industry. He always wants to be the first one to start using technology that he feels will keep OSI Group ahead of their competitors.

Sheldon Lavin is also known for his ability to make wise decisions concerning his facilities. He carefully scouts an area in order to make sure that it will be the ideal location for an OSI Group facility. Ideally, he looks for places that are rural and have no other meat processing facilities that are nearby. He wants to be the only game in town. He has used this particular strategy repeatedly in foreign countries in order to get a foothold in a new market. This is one of the reasons why OSI Group has grown so big on an international level.

Sheldon Lavin started with a single meat processing factory and turned it into an empire. His attention to detail and incredible foresight have helped him to accomplish this amazing feat. He has no plans to step down as CEO any time soon. OSI’s Sheldon Lavin receives Global Visionary Award

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Remembering Alastair Borthwick as a Man of Many Talents

Alastair Borthwick was a man of many talents, including being an author, broadcaster, as well as a journalist. Being born in Rutherglen in 1913, Alastair Borthwick was raised in Glasgow. Alastair Borthwick worked for many papers, including “Open Air,” as well as the “Daily Mirror,” along with these jobs, Alastair Borthwick also worked in BBC radio. Becoming very popular and writing some of the finest articles for the papers, is what got Alastair Borthwick really noticed.

Alastair Borthwick is well known for his journalism, which included writing the famous books, “Sans Peur, The History of the 5th (Caithness and Sutherland) Battalion, the Seaforth Highlanders,” as well as the “Battalion: a British infantry unit’s actions from El Alamein to the Elbe, 1942-1945.” Alastair Borthwick served in World War Two as an intelligence officer, here is where he got to experience and be a part of the action in Germany, Holland, Sicily, North Africa, France, Italy, and Belgium.

Alastair Borthwick got married in 1940 to his wife Anne, when the war was ending they both moved to Jura where he continued working for BBC. In 1952, Alastair Borthwick also helped with the organization of 1951 Festival of Britain. During the sixties, Alastair Borthwick started working for the television industry, and created one hundred and fifty programs for Grampian TV, which ran approximately a half an hour each program, ranging from many different topics.

During the seventies, Alastair Borthwick and his wife Anne, moved to Ayrshire. Here is where they lived mainly the rest of their lives on a hill farm. Alastair Borthwick moved into a nursing home five years before his death in September 2003. Alastair Borthwick is remembered for his excellent work in each field that he contributed to. His classic books are still sought out to this day, and his legacy will forever be remembered in his journalism that he has left behind for the world to embrace.

Barbara Stokes – GSH of Alabama makes incredible donation

Barbara Stokes works in the disaster relief construction industry. She is currently the CEO of Green Structure Homes of Alabama, LLC. Her experience in this industry includes a wide range of concerns that span the fields of construction, logistics, disasters, and safe but quick efforts in hard-to-reach locations. These include time-sensitive construction efforts accompanied by a wide range of difficulties that can follow disasters. Read this article at

A great example of disaster relief construction is building houses after a flood. The unique concerns that come with placing foundations in extraordinarily wet and recently flooded areas can be a hassle. Building homes for people after a wildfire can be just as tricky. Concerns like these are regular fare for GSH of Alabama, and it’s CEO Barbara Stokes.


In addition to her incredible work providing support for FEMA and the United States government in disaster relief, Barbara Stokes also finds time to stay active in her community. Recently she was able to make a significant donation of high-quality building materials to Habitat for Humanity of Madison County. Not only was this donation timely but it was organized and carried out by GSH of Alabama logistics. New and handpicked materials were quickly delivered on site. Read more about Barbara Stokes at Affiliatedork.


Shervin Pishevar Warned Investors The Market Would Be A Roller Coaster In 2018

Investing in the stock market in today’s economic atmosphere is a risky move, according to some economists. Economists around the country think Trump’s economic policies will eventually throw the country into a recession. The trade war with China, the Brexit situation in Europe and the shaky trade relationship with Mexico over immigration issues won’t go away. Mr. Trump will not impose a five percent tariff on Mexican exports, but that’s not enough to save the country from a recession, according to several economists.

The inverted bond yield between the three-month and five-year Treasury notes is a sign that a recession could change the investment playing field by the end of 2019. If an inverted bond yield lasts for a full quarter, it’s a safe bet that recession will strike.

The threat of a recession may be new news to some investors, but Shervin Pishevar, one of Silicon Valley’s super investors told investors they were in for trouble in March 2018. That’s when Pishevar went on a 21-hour tweet storm that sent shock waves through the investment industry.

Shervin Pishevar tweets were a combination of facts and future predictions. Investors now know Mr. Pishevar knew something they didn’t know about the Trump organization. Shervin Pishevar knew Trump’s tax cut was a short-term fix. The tax cut blinded some investors, but Shervin Pishevar’s tweetstorm tried to make them see no asset class was safe as long as Mr. Trump was in the White House.

Some of Shervin Pishevar’s tweets were radical predictions. He predicted a major stock market drop. The stock market is down, but not as much as Shervin Pishevar predicted. But there are signs the stock market is under attack by Trump’s tariff addiction. Shervin also sent a tweet that warned investors about Silicon Valley losing its number one spot in the startup world. But even though China, Brazil, India, and other countries are in the startup game they don’t compare with Silicon valley’s startup output.

Shervin’s tweet about the Feds raising interest rates came true in 2018. But according to Fed Chairman Jerome Powell, the Feds may have to cut interest rates in 2019 to keep the U.S. economy healthy.

American Addiction Centers: The Right Way To Live Your Life

Addiction is something that takes over a lot of people’s lives. It can even ruin their lives, and they lose everything in the process. They lose their friends, family, and loved ones. They are trying their hardest to beat the addiction, but they don’t know how to beat it.

They have tried everything known to mankind. One thing they should consider and need to consider is checking themselves into one of the many AAC (American Addiction Centers) locations.

They have all the answers and more for someone that needs to regroup and turn their life around before it is too late. For some people, it ends up being too late, and that is truly a tragedy. If only they would have gotten the help they needed, they would still be here today.

However, as sad as it is, there is one thing to remember from it: don’t let that be you. The help is out there and the treatment is out there. The people that many times need the help the most are the veterans that have returned home from war. They don’t know how to live day-to-day. They are lost, scared, and confused.

The AAC is taking action to make sure that is fixed as soon as possible by having them check into their Desert Hope Treatment Center.

They have other centers as well, but this one is in the news for their wonderful program called Salute to Recovery. They know that when someone has seen time in the battlefield, they have specific and unique needs. Read more: American Addiction Center Reviews | Glassdoor and American Addiction Centers New Docuseries Unveils The Realities of Recovery

They are not the same as the average person with addiction. Addiction might look the same to certain people and feel the same, but it is not the same. For someone that has served time in war, they need a specific type of help.

They need a little bit more because they have more on their plate. They have PTSD from the things they have done and the things they have witnessed with their own two eyes.

They need someone that is going to understand what they are going through and have the proper teachings to help them out. It is why the AAC and its Salute to Recovery program is producing tremendous results for veterans that are using it.

They are gaining wonderful knowledge from the group therapy sessions with other veterans. It is a chance to talk, cry, and really get it all out of their system.

They have held these feelings in for far too long, and they need to release them out into the world. The sooner they let them out and the sooner they deal with them, the better they will feel in the future.

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