Jeremy Goldstein’s Commitment to Clients

Jeremy Goldstein, a partner at Jeremy L. Goldstein and Associates, is fully dedicated to learning everything he can about his client’s case, and solving their problem. Prior to his move to the new law firm, Mr. Goldstein was partnered with Wachtell, Lipton, Rosen and Katz. His expertise is on advising compensation committee’s, but his boutique law firm is a step in the right direction for assisting in corporate governance matters.


Transformative corporate events are always a primary concern for his field, but Mr. Goldstein himself has been a part of some of the largest corporate transactions over the last decade. Major corporations like Duke Energy, Merck, Goldman and Sachs, Verizon Wireless and many others have all been clients of Mr. Goldstein. Due to his great work and solid knowledge of these businesses, he was appointed to be the chair of Mergers and Acquisitions. This subcommittee is important for the firm, and has positioned Mr. Goldstein as a speaker and well-known expert regarding corporate mergers and acquisitions.


His major contributions are focused on speaking and writing works regarding executive compensation. He has also been listed as a leading expert on corporate governance issues. His name was featured in the Chambers USA Guide to America’s Leading Lawyers for Business and the Legal 500. Mr. Goldstein is also a member of the prestigious advisory board of the New York Journal of Law and businessand is also a member of the Leadership Council for the Make-A-Wish Foundation. Giving back is important to Mr. Goldstein, as he also champions the cause for adults that suffer from mental illness. His charitable work is a contribution for these men and women to ensure that they are able to get back on the road to recovery.


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Vijay Eswaran: From Being A Taxi Driver To One Of The Richest People In Asia

Vijay Eswaran is a classic example of how someone can make it big in life with hard work and dedication. Today, Vijay Eswaran is currently one of the richest people in Asia and has a company that speaks volumes. He is known to be one of the most important entrepreneurs in Asia and is revered for his skill and foresight when it comes to running his business.

He is the founder and CEO of QI Group of Companies, a firm that he started up himself to launch his big ideas. Eswaran had an incredibly humble start where he worked as a taxi driver. He had to work extremely hard for everything that he currently has.

While he was working as a cab driver, he had a tremendous idea to launch a company that gave brands solutions for direct marketing methods on a digital medium. However, since it was the 90s at the time, nobody believed in him, leaving Eswaran to fend for himself. He then took it upon himself to start his company on his own, with all that he had saved up until then. Read more: Dato Vijay Eswaran: From taxi driver to worth over $500 million dollars

With the dawn of the digital age, brands then started turning to Easwaran’s company for solutions on direct marketing which they could implement online. Today, the company is worth billions and has made Eswaran the esteemed businessman that he is today.

Because the idea was so far ahead of his time, one could say that Eswaran got a head start on the field, which is why the company has managed to dominate the online marketing sector.

Today, QI Group of Companies has an incredibly diverse portfolio, with numerous businesses under its name. Vijay Eswaran has since then, tried to diversify his interest into various field like hospitality and education.

Vijay Eswaran is also the owner of a large university in Malaysia. He believes that education is one of the key aspects of the development of the youth, and by starting up a university, he has helped numerous students achieve this. Even though Currently the University does not have a permanent address, Eswaran is working towards getting the university one of the best campuses in Malaysia.

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Richard Mishaan Design -A brief look at and his Love for Creating Daring Buildings

Richard Mishaan, who is one of the top interior and architectural designers in New York, is well known for interiors that are impressive and integrate vintage pieces, decorated items that have bold color and pattern as well as antiques that have been carefully curated.



He is listed on the AD 100 and Elle Décor A list. Richard Mishaan wrote and published the books Artfully Modern as well as Modern Luxury which was launched at Random House by Monacelli Press.



For the grand library and salon he designed in the Kip’s Bay Boys & Girls Club Decorator Show House This year, he said what motivated him was a room that was collected over a period. Similar to ancient Florence or Venice families who transformed their artisan’s workmanship and bought velvets and kills when they were ready and merged them with what they had on the ground.



Over time, items that were treasured were purchased with the goal of a curator preparing for a show in the museum. Richard Mishaan added that he had been as academic and disciplined while selecting items the room should consist of having had only a brief time to do so. He also felt he attained the appeal that his clients were looking for, based on their unique personalities. Richard Mishaan also added that what provides information for the mind and soul was travel and culture. He also added that Design which was done using heritage as the groundwork brings about a legacy that surpasses styles and trends and making it pure and timeless.



Richard Mishaan was born in Colombia and started his career by working as an apprentice in the Philip and Johnson office. This was after he had attained a BA from the University of New York and gone to the School of Architecture at the University of Colombia. He mixed his understanding of architecture, fashion, and interior design as well as his cultural roots to bring about a detailed understanding of quality and luxury.



One of Richard Mishaan’ Design which was outstanding occurred when a residence which was the 16th century attracted him. This was close to the center of the historic district. He made a choice to purchase it and carry out a renovation on it so as to create a retreat for him and his family. Mishaan had to go with certain codes for preservation because the location was accorded a UNESCO World Heritage site. According to him, he began to think of a clever method, given the amount of renovation he had to carry out, this was an understatement. The former owner had broken down the interior of the house into rooms which were smaller, so he had to make use of a scaffolding system which was elaborate to provide support for the facade while he worked in the center. It wasn’t an easy task because the interiors enclosed a central courtyard. Overall, the project took him two years, and the result was a remarkable Richard Mishaan Design.


Todd Lubar’s Two Decades of Helping People to Own Homes

Todd Lubar, a veteran mortgage market executive, has been at the center of much home acquisition in the United States. He is associated with America’s most reputable mortgage firms, Legendary Investments and TDL Global Ventures, where he is the senior vice president and president respectively. Besides having an exciting 20-year career in the industry, Todd has dedicated most of his time to help young entrepreneurs in the real estate sector to climb the success ladder. Ideamensch interviewed the legend in April this year where he opened up about his story this far.

Lubar’s Interview

In a report by Hackronym, Todd founded TDL Global Ventures in the spirit of being the catalyst to other people’s investment dreams and aspirations. This spirit was ignited during his days in the finance and credit sector where he felt the need to clear the way for prospective real estate investors.

Todd believes that the success realized by TDL Global Ventures can be attributed to his will towards seeing the firm grow. His background in the real estate and finance industries is another key factor that has largely contributed to the success of the business. Being a hands-on person, Todd makes it his responsibility to keep all operations within the company under his watch. According to him, this strategy helps him to make wise and informed decisions for the benefit of his staff and the firm as well.

Todd Lubar revealed that failure was a term he understands too well. He narrated of a business he had established earlier in his life, and that later went crumbling down. He pointed out that having failed in the business made him more cautious and more experienced in his ventures that followed.

As a parting shot, Todd Lubar had an entrepreneurial advice to share with Ideamensh’s readers. He hinted to them that developing a house-finding search engine would be a potentially lucrative venture that was worth considering.

Todd Lubar’s History

Todd Lubar resides in Potomac, Maryland. He graduated 22 years ago from well-regarded Syracuse University with a B.A in speech communication. His first employers were the Legacy Financial group and the Crestar Mortgage Corporation, both in Maryland.

It was at Charter Funding where Todd Lubar’s name got into the list of legends. As the Senior VP of the company, he used his position to assist clients who needed mortgage loans.

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Madison Street Capital, Helping Clients With The Growth Of Their Businesses

Since its inception, Madison Street Capital has been dedicated to offering the best financial solutions to the clients who come to them. The organization services both individual clients as well as large corporations, to provide financial advisory and economic research. The company aims to aid their customers, and give them all the necessary tools and advice that they need to go about making good business investments and to be able to take on new ventures. Madison Street Capital is incredibly growth focused and believes in maintaining their objective of maximizing their customer’s growth potential to the best of their abilities. Their aim is not just to help their clients, but also assist them to grow and in turn, grow along with them. The Madison Street Capital reputation has played an important factor in the numerous customers who they have landed over the years. When picking a financial advisor, companies tend to go with a company that has an excellent reputation of helping businesses in a positive way and Madison Street Capital has been known to impact their client’s businesses in a brilliant way.


Over the years, Madison Street Capital has had numerous top tier clients and multinational corporations coming to them for financial advice. One of the most recent customers who Madison Street Capital worked with was ARES Security Corporation. The client, who is based in Europe was on the lookout for establishing a private equity fund for the benefit of their business ventures. Madison Street Capital conducted their financial research and gave ARES Security all the necessary advice that they would need, going forward into this kind of deal. Madison Street Capital helped ARES to finalize an offer for their fund which gained them a lot of attention owing to the sheer enormity of the deal that was in place.


By keeping in mind the high values that are associated with the firm, Madison Street Capital has upheld their status in the industry. They are dedicated to offering the best customer service to their clients.The people working at Madison Street Capital as their financial advisors all have a right amount of experience in the financial world, which enables them to better gauge what their clients want. By giving them sound financial advice, the company has managed to earn the trust of all their customers. By doing this, Madison Street Capital has shown everyone in the field of finance that they are one of the big league players that can affect the outcome of the financial endeavors that businesses undertake.

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Tips On Where And When To Invest

Investment advice is crucial to every investor or prospective investor. The professional opinion of these experts helps investors to make sound investment decisions that steer them towards their investment success. Tim Armour is amongst the informed practitioners in this area that have spanned a successful career all along.

Tim Armour is an extensively experienced investment advisor, and he had an opinion when Warren Buffett tabled his investment strategy. Mr. Buffett had bet and invested 1 million dollars in a passive index fund rather than committing it to a hedge fund, claiming that he would get better returns.

Timothy Armour to the surprise of many is in his support. He argues that many mid and high-level funds shortchange investors. Hence, he shares in Warren’s opinion to invest in a low and straightforward investment for the long-term. He advises investors to commit their funds in the long-term passive index investments as they have low opportunity costs, low volatility risks, and higher returns as opposed to the renowned mutual funds whose returns are mediocre due to excessive trading and high management fees.

However, Tim Armour disputes the belief that passive index returns are the haven for long-term investments like retirement. They may be preferred, but he claims that they do not provide any assurances to down markets. He continues to advise investors to refrain from high-cost funds and affiliating themselves with hedge fund managers who invest their money in unsecured investments.

Tim Armour holds a degree in Economics, and he possesses vast investment experience. He started his career in 1983 as a participant with the company and later on served as an Equity Investment Analyst. Presently, he is the Chairman, CEO, and the firm’s Equity Portfolio Manager.

Mike Baur and Swiss Startup Factory Supports Digital Entrepreneurs

The career of Mike Baur
Mike Baur has had a passion for banking and finance since he was a teenager. That explains why he later pursued the passion and made a career from it. Mike earned his executive MBA from the University of Bern. He also attained his MBA from the University of Rochester. Mike has worked in the Swiss banking industry for 20 years. In his 20 successful years in this career, Mike was rising through the ranks to become an executive board member at a well-known Swiss private bank. He worked for multiple Swiss banks including Sallfort and Clariden.

Mike Baur started his entrepreneurial journey in 2014 at the age of 39. Mike started Swiss Startup Factory together with two other partners with the aim of mentoring and supporting young digital innovators. Swiss Startup Factory is privately owned and independently financed. It is the first of its kind in Switzerland.

Mike has a passion for the youth. That explains why Mike Baur spends most of his time supporting and mentoring young entrepreneurs through coaching and offering financial aid to promising start-ups. Mike is the chief executive officer of the Swiss Startup Factory. Baur is also in charge of fundraising and financing at Swiss Startup Factory.

About Swiss Startup Factory (SSUF)
SSUF was established in 2014 in Zurich. The primary goal of Swiss Startup Factory was to identify and support thriving digital entrepreneurs. The company runs an accelerator program that runs for three months. During the accelerator program, SSUF coaches and mentors entrepreneurs in areas such as investor network, finance, office space, and entrepreneurial network.

Young companies specializing in digital technologies get a chance at Swiss Startup Factory to undergo a structured accelerator program. It enables young companies to come up with the growing innovative power to allow them to compete in the global market. SSUF selects start-ups to go through the accelerator program. The start-ups go through paces and later get tested to make sure they can create a selling idea. By the end of the program, they should also be able to pitch the idea to potential investors.

Ambitious young people can use Swiss Startup Factory accelerator program as a platform to set the world ablaze with their unique ideas and innovations. During the three-month program, entrepreneurs are helped to bring their innovative ideas to the market by using the lean canvas methodology. The young and ambitious entrepreneurs get a chance to work with other innovators and professionals in a collaborative environment. Young entrepreneurs can apply online for the next accelerator batch. SSUF has two intakes; January and September intakes.

Rick Smith: An Entrepreneur And Pioneer Of Inmate Communication Technology

Rick. A. Smith isn’t like an ordinary CEO who leads a company by giving 8 hours from his life to lead an already running business instead he is an individual who after joining a company never sleep well until he feels that his company is stable enough and he can have a proper sleep. Due to his hard work, dedication, and expertise, he has become a renowned name in inmate communication and technology.

Rival companies are doing whatever is in their reach to hire him so he can use his expertise and benefit them but he always prefers to work for a cause, not for money. So he refused such offers and now these companies, who once made attractive offers, are now blaming him for fraud. But he does not care because when an elephant walks in the jungle, dogs bark at him but he never cares for that because he knows that they can’t harm him.

One of the reasons for this hatred is that he speaks out of things that are not right. He prefers to help society to make it good for the general public rather than make money and make life good for one. An employee at Securus Technologies considers him a mentor. For those of you who don’t what Securus Technologies is, it’ a famous yet leading provider of technology solutions for social and criminal justice for the safety of public, monitoring, corrections and investigation, discussed in detail the prospect of inmate security and communications, and how we are driving advantage to inmates, family/friends, and law enforcement and corrections and all of the general public.

Rick Smith, Chairman, and CEO of Securus Technologies said that just as communications have dramatically changed over a past decade for the society, communications will influence positively what is going to be an imprisonment experience in next decade. He also added that in near future, once a prisoner brought into a jail or prison, they’ll be able to use the device to communicate with individuals that are approved by the court of law, with recorded and secure voice, text, video or email messages with instant funding in their accounts, through a centralized platform and access to databases in order to provide jobs, books, education, medical attention, songs, bail bondsmen, legal resources, commissary, any and all things that a prisoner would need.

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They designed a system that will allow inmates to use Securus devices to dial out the contact lists that will use the bandwidth of Wireless Containment Solutions, ST secured network known as a conjunction, and allow that device to dial out after verification. While Securus always records and monitor such communications so ST is also assisting government agencies to control the illegal import of drugs that is being handled from inside the prison. Read more on

Lime Crime’s Doe Deere: Revealing the Inner You Through Cosmetics

Doe Deere is the founder of the cosmetic company Lime Crime. A successful entrepreneur, Deere is an inspirational model of the driven business woman. Lime Crime is a company that sells animal-free cosmetics in noticeably vibrant colors. The goal is to sell makeup that expresses the inner mood of the individual. Deere had the dream to start the company for several years and finally decided she would make it come true.

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There were a few bumps on the road along the way however. When Deere collaborated with experts, they told her cosmetics couldn’t be sold online. Women would want to try lipstick on first before purchasing. Deere came up with a solution to not just present the color as a swatch on paper, but to actually present a picture of someone with the lipstick on. Shortly afterward, this idea became the industry standard.


Though Deere fully appreciates the aspects of e-commerce, a little later down the road Lime Crime encountered a security breach. Luckily her business team was able to connect quickly with security experts to block the cyber thieves who were stealing her customers information, and together they were able to make the system stronger so as to prevent the issue from reoccurring.


With extreme perseverance Deere made her cosmetic company a success. Her advice to fellow entrepreneurs is not only to keep pushing for success, but also to fully respect and love one’s customers. Though there was nothing Deere could have done ahead of time to prevent the cyber attack, she felt personally responsible. This is because she truly cares for her consumers and wants to make sure they are completely satisfied with Lime Crime. Because of this she says the customer service portion of her website is the most important. She recommends every entrepreneur sets up a way to receive customer feedback, and sincerely analyses the feedback she gets. If you truly respect and love your customer, you will receive the same in return for your product. Along these same lines Deere believes love for one’s own product will come across to the consumer. She truly believes in her brand and in its image, and so her customers do as well.


Every entrepreneur can benefit from the inspiring story Doe Deere provides. No matter your company or your product, if you respect what you are selling and who you are selling it to, you will be successful.


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Lori Senecal: The New Global CEO

In an article on Campaignlive, Lori Senecal is one of the top leaders of Kirshenbaum Bond Senecal + Partners (kbs+) and CP+B. Much of her early successes were with kbs+. Kirshenbaum has some of the biggest clients in the world, like BMW, Vanguard, and HomeGoods. Senecal has worked with the companies for years.

She’s also pioneered the company’s culture of invention. Before Senecal, kbs+ was slowly succeeding, but with her guidance, she focused the company on creating breakthroughs. The many “firsts” she helped created delivered competitive advantages for the brands and businesses the company helped. She also played a huge role in the creation of numerous kbs+ support organizations.

All of the side businesses that Senecal had a hand in were developed as part of kbs+’s culture. The company’s investment arm was kbs+ Ventures. Their tech practice was kbs+ Spies and Assassins. They even have a branch that helps other brands become publishers, kbs+ Content Labs.

Since her days as President of McCann Erickson’s New York office, Senecal has been a rising star. She has attracted the attention of recognizing organizations. In recent years, she’s received a Quantum Leap award, which is one of the highest honors given at the AWNY Game Change Awards.

Even though she’s had many great years at kbs+, her greatest success could be her recent promotion at CP+B. A few months ago, it was announced that CP+B named Lori Senecal their new Global CEO. Not only is she the new Global CEO, the position of Global CEO is new. CP+B created this position for Senecal.

Her dedication to the company’s global growth and expansion exceeded far beyond what they could’ve hoped. She’s now managing and coordinating all eight of the firm’s international offices. She’s also overseeing all further development of those offices.

Her work and pioneering have made her one of the top leaders in the entire industry. She’s known for being a thoughtful leader, management specialist, technology enthusiast, innovative, and inventive on a global scale. CP+B hopes that she continues to fuel their international momentum. She even won the Infiniti global creative account.

One big perk of her new role is being able to work with Chuck Porter and the CP+B leadership team. She’s admired their work for years and is more than excited to finally join the team.

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