Rubica’s Personal Cyber Security Offer Protects Against Severity As Well as Number of Attacks

Along with the internet, there have been tons of cyber attacks committed against various people. Of course the nature of these attacks were quite diverse. For one thing, people have attacked different users for different reasons. However, there is one common reaction to these attacks. The victim is devastated and his life is changed forever. This is one of the reasons that it is important for users to get personal cyber security protection. This can give them a much greater peace of mind than when they are vulnerable. For one thing, an attack can occur at anytime, and it is more often than not when one is least prepared for one.


However, it is not just the number of attacks. The severity of the attacks is also something to look at when it comes to cyber security. The more disturbing aspect of it is that anyone can be a victim. While higher profile people like the Obama administration and political figures can be subject to attacks, people who are low in profile are not safe either. Fortunately, there is a personal cyber security firm that can fight against all of the attacks that people are faced with. This security firm is called Rubica.

One thing that can be said about Rubica is that it is one of the most effective personal cyber security protection firms. For one thing, their experts do all of their work from US-based ops center. Among the things they do is monitor all of the threats to identity and other pieces of personal property that are shared online. This makes sure that the hackers are unable to break through security and get a hold of any assets that are online. While the internet does provide a lot of convenience, it is also filled with a lot of dangerous activity.

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Eli Gershkovitch And His Brewing Dream

Today, there are numerous Canadian craft beers that have flooded Canada, the United States, and beyond. These beers are not only known for their great taste and soft touch going down, they are also very potent and always make the party come alive.


One of the greatest Canadian craft beers would be the Red Racer Pale Ale. This beer is made by Central City Brewing. What people rave about the most when drinking this beer is the grapefruit taste. A lot of customers have stated that this beer tastes more like fruit juice, and a lot of people have reported even having extra energy after one or two beers.

Red Racer Pale Ale has even become a signature of the United States Army, as well as the Canadian and U.K. army as well. Soldiers enjoy the sweet taste of this beer, and it comes at an inexpensive price.


There is a new brewery, however, that is getting much attention in Canada, and that is the Steamworks Brewery. The Steamworks Brewery was created by Eli Gershkovitch ( Eli Gershkovitch is an attorney, a private pilot, and master of a few other trades. However, Eli Gershkovitch always wanted to serve great tasting beer at an affordable price.


Several years ago, Eli Gershkovitch finally decided to purchase a warehouse and turn it into a brewery. Eli Gershkovitch believed he was just going to be another general brewery in Canada. Eli Gershkovitch discovered that the land his brewery rests on has steam pipes underneath it. After several meetings with numerous engineers, it was decided that Eli could use the steam pipes to help brew his beer. Steamworks is the only brewery in Canada that brews beer with steam. The difference in taste has been called unbelievable by customers, and Steamworks now has customers from all over the world.

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Dr. Mark Holterman, An Adept Educator and Medical Practitioner

Dr. Mark Holterman is a medical researcher and a pediatric surgeon who supports charitable organizations involved in pediatric care. One such group is International Pediatric Specialists Alliance for the Children of Vietnam (IPSAC-VN) which relies on volunteers and donors to accomplish its goals. The organization helps healthcare professionals in Vietnam to increase their capacity and improve access to pediatric surgical care. The medical volunteers lectures, trains and provides patient care and surgery at affiliated hospitals and medical schools.


The educator is a member of several organizations one of them being the American Diabetes Association (ADA). ADA is a non-profit organization that conducts research, educates and advocates for activities relating to the treatment, cure, and prevention of diabetes. It collaborated with American Psychological Association to offer Mental Health Provider Education Program ( The program supports mental health professionals who are willing to cater to the psychosocial challenges in diabetes management. The professionals undertake a five-hour online course and a seven-hour face to face seminar after which their names are listed in ADA website.


Dr. Mark Holterman holds a BA in Biology from Yale University and an MD, Ph.D. in Medicine and Immunology from the University of Virginia (Doctors.HealthGrove). His specialty is in pediatric surgery, and he has a research interest in regenerative medicine, obesity, stem cell therapies and novel cancer treatment. His commitment in what he does has earned him awards like Innovative Research Award, National Merit Scholar, and America’s Top Doctor.

Dr. Holterman has almost three decades of experience and is currently a pediatric surgery professor at University of Illinois College of Medicine. He doubles his role as an educator with practicing at OSF St Francis Medical Centre. The surgeon is also the CEO of Mariam Global Health and is a co-founder of The Hannah Sunshine and Alliance for the Advancement of Cellular Therapies. He serves different boards in different capacities some of them are, TargaCell LLC and Endowment for Human Development.


The adept medic has previously worked at Rush University Medical Centre and Advocate Christ Children’s Hospital. He is a member of or is affiliated with Pacific Association of Pediatric Surgeons, American Pediatric Surgical Association and American College of Surgeons.

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Glen Wakeman on the Makings of a Succesful Venture

Entrepreneur Glen Wakeman is a businessman with over two decades under his belt. He is the founder of the SAAS business of LaunchPad Holdings that has been around since 2015.


The young company of LaunchPad Holdings was established from a simple notion which is that an idea is not a plan. Ideas lack the structure that plans have and only once that structure is added does an idea become ready to be turned into a reality. That prompted the creation of LaunchPad Hldings LLC as well as the software platform the company offers which was created to make building a plan far easier.

Entrepreneur, Glen Wakeman, received an M. B. A. in Finance as well as a bachelor’s degree in Economics. After completing his studies, Glen Wakeman took on a number of professional opportunities and worked at businesses such as Doral Financial Corporation, and GE Capital. After that, Glen Wakeman established his first company Nova Four (Crunchbase). Glen Wakeman has amassed a lot of experience as President, chief executive officer, as well as various administrative positions. Glen Wakeman has worked in the fields of business development, team managing, and leadership, as well as strategizing and P & L, among else.


Glen Wakeman has a performance methodology that involves five steps. They are risk management, leadership power, human capital, and business execution. He believes that when it comes to productivity his most beneficial trait is his curiosity. Glen Wakeman enjoys analyzing performance numbers and starts his workday with that before moving on to meetings and other tasks. His curiosity has prompted him to learn more and pursue a variety of ventures even if they are out of his comfort zone.


Glen Wakeman is extremely interested in the way machine learning can help solve business problems. Technology has been a passion for Glen Wakeman for a long time and he pursue of establishing a business working with software is his latest direction.

A piece of advice that Glen Wakeman likes to extend to staring entrepreneurs is to learn how to strategize as the skill comes in handy when turning an idea into a plan.



The Manaira Shopping Mall is a Representation of Roberto Santiago’s High Pedigree as an Entrepreneur

Roberto Santiago is one of the pioneers and the leading entreprenuers in Brazil’s retail industry. He is the owner of a number of malls with the biggest among them being the Manaira Shopping Mall located in Joao Pessoa, Brazil. The mall considered one of the largest in the country and is especially revered for its entertainment quality.

Biographical Background

Roberto Santiago was born in the Brazilian city of Joao Pessoa. He undertook his studies in the same city, first attending the Pio Marist College before moving on to complete an undergraduate Business Administration program at the University Center if Joao Pessoa.

Creating the Manaira Shopping Mall

In the 1980s, Roberto Santiago a gap in the retail market for shopping malls. With individuals’ disposable incomes growing, they increasingly demanded to have their shopping and entertainment needs to be met under one roof. Consequently, Mr. Santiago thought of building a mall – and a large one at that. In 1987, he purchased the piece of land on which the mall would be development. Two years later, the mall was opened to the public with great aplomb and celebration. Since then, the Manaira Shopping Mall has again been expanded in 2013. The mall features all of the essential features found in a shopping complex including a gym and some financial institutions.

Shopping Experience

With a wide range of products and services, the Manaira Shopping Mall has lived up to its name. The mall is home to a number of luxurious brands’ flagship stores dealing in jewelry, cosmetics, and clothing. Additionally, it also features the less glamorous but essential product offerings such as bookstores and sportswear stores. The mall also boasts of being one of the few in the country with an institution of higher learning (the College of Higher Education of Paraiba) within it.

Rooftop Concert Hall

Among the unique features of the Manaira Shopping Mall is concert hall on its rooftop referred to as the Domus Hall. The hall can accommodate thousands of people at a time, whether standing or seated. Consequently, it has over the years hosted weddings, exhibitions, graduation ceremonies and corporate events. Being soundproof and completely air-conditioned, it is one of the best-equipped concert halls in the country.

Entertainment Amenities

Every mall has shopping stores and food courts. However, it is the entertainment options that set them apart. Fortunately, the Manaira Shopping Mall does not lack in this area. There are up to 13 movie theaters in the mall offering only the best viewing experience for goers. Three of these 13 theatres, in fact, offer 3-D viewing to optimize the value for goers. The gaming area also features a bowling alley that is especially popular with the adults.


Bridget Scarr Works Hard

Bridget Scarr is the individual who puts all that she has to give into the work that she does. She does not back down from a challenge, and she tries her best to bring about positive results in the work that she completes. This woman is someone who has been working hard for some years, and she still has a lot to give. Ms. Scarr is a creative director based out of the UK. This woman is someone who knows what she needs to do, and who is going to put all that she is into the work that she must complete.


Bridget Scarr did great work as she was part of Pollen Creative Media. She helped that company grow from something that was very small into something that is large and that completes many different projects. Ms. Scarr helped a company that might not have made it without her support, and she turned that company into something great. Becuase this woman put all of her efforts into the work that she did for Pollen Creative Media in the years that she was employed there, she was able to accomplish great things for that company and make it into something that others take notice of and watch.


The business world is one that is always changing, and Bridget Scarr is someone who works to keep up with the changes. She is someone who has the talent that is needed to stay on top of all that is happening and to stay up-to-date in the way that she works. Ms. Scarr creates content that is visually rich. All that she does is done specially, and that helps her to be successful in the work that she is doing and the way that she impacts the world around her.


Bridget Scarr is someone who has had to deal with a lot in her time in the business community. Things have not always gone right for her. When her first business shut down, she had to push past the pain and depression that she felt and work hard to move on. She succeeded, and all that she went through then made her what she is today.


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Ken Goodrich’s Goettl Air Conditioning Acquires a Family-Owned HVAC Company

Ken Goodrich, Goettl Air Conditioning’s owner, has recently announced on the acquisition of a California-based HVAC company, Walton’s Heating and Air. Nonetheless, Ken Goodrich didn’t disclose the financial details of the deal. The acquisition allows Goettl to extend its presence beyond Las Vegas, Tucson, and Phoenix. Again, it will help Walton’s to grow beyond what its owner, Todd Longbrake would do alone. Todd Longbrakes admits having taken Walton’s as far as he could, but it remained stagnant.

While Goettl Air Conditioning expressed its interest in acquiring Walton’s in 2015, Todd Longbrake was reluctant to give in. However, having heard encouraging comments about Goettl and owner Ken Goodrich, Todd Longbrake accepted the offer. Since joining forces in 2015, Goettl Air Conditioning has grown ten-fold. Upon the merger, Todd Longbrake immediately assimilated into Goettl’s culture. In fact, he will be retained as Goettl’s sales manager and field supervisor.

Despite finalizing the deal two years ago, Ken Goodrich held off the announcement until recently due to market constraints and operational issues within Walton’s Heating and Air. Ken Goodrich had to overcome various obstacles throughout the acquisition due to the value he believed Goettl got from Walton’s. Goettl and Walton’s had similar values and background. Although Walton’s was stagnant, Ken Goodrich viewed it as a platform company where Goettl could grow. Currently, Goettl has 306 employees and expects additional 200 job opportunities after finalizing the merger. That will help Goettl to solidify its presence in its largest markets, Phoenix and Tucson. Ken Goodrich’s long-range goal is to grow Goettl to a nationally recognized brand. Goettl’s next plan is to extend its presence in Northern California followed by Texas in 2018.

About Goettl Air Conditioning

Goettl Air Conditioning is home to the world’s first HVAC unit. It continues a legacy set in 1939 when the Goettl brothers developed the first refrigerated AC unit and evaporative cooler. It was used to battle harsh desert temperatures in the Phoenix area. Since then, Goettl has gained customers’ loyalty, succeeding through series of technological and environmental changes. By working with Goettl Air Conditioning, you get more value for your money. Goettl’s skilled technicians boast of doing the job right at the first time. Goettl emphasis on continuous training to provide premium products and services unavailable elsewhere. Every of Goettl’s technician is subject to a thorough background check and drug test. Interestingly, every of its offering comes with a free Goettl flashlight.

Learn something knew about Securus Technologies in 3 minutes

Inmate communications and parole tracking are crucial factors in correction facilities. Alternatively, is it not true? One of the major players in this is SECURUS TECHNOLOGIES. They are the leading providers of criminal and civil justice technologies, government information-management services among others.


The company serves more than 2600 correction facilities in 45 states in the US, Canada, the District of Columbia, and Mexico. Securus Technologies serves more than one million inmates around the globe. They are a big organization, which provides innovative and comprehensive technical solutions, and friendly customer care. The major goal of Securus is to make sure the specialized needs of correction facilities and law enforcement centers are efficient.


Where do you find Securus Technologies?


Their headquarters are in Dallas Texas. They have four regional offices in the Dallas metropolitan area and another one in Atlanta Georgia.


In an article published in PR Newswire, there are several comments from email and formal letter communications received from jail officials in the US. They come from officials tasked with solving and preventing crimes as well as making prisons safer. According to Richard A. Smith, they receive thousands of letters regarding the inmates and clients experience with Securus. These help them in building safety, which is their main agenda.


Below are some of the selected comments


One individual was grateful for the quick and friendly customer service that he received and was looking forward to much more. Through their help, they were able to use the information provided through the phone call to get a search warrant for a corrupt worker. The accused was put behind bars that morning.


Another person said that monitoring calls regarding inmates using or selling drugs in the correction facility enabled them to monitor suspicious calls, threats, and other things that might compromise the security of the correction facility.


Julia Jackson, From Grapes to Greatness

Most kids dream about growing up and becoming a fireman, astronaut, veterinarian, or some other exciting job, but not Julia Jackson. For as long as she can remember she wanted to make wine, just like her parents did. Born in 1988 in San Francisco California Julia quickly became familiar with the art of wine making. You could often find her picking and sorting grapes in one of their many winery fields.

Graduating from Scripts Collage in 2010 with a bachelor’s degree in Arts, Julia continued to learn the ins and outs of the wine business. In 2014 she founded the Cambria Seeds of Empowerment, a program that inspires “Warrior Women” who have been through hardships in their lives to help other struggling women do the same thing. The program grants $100,000 annually to non-profit organizations who share the same spirit. Read more about Julia on Running Lip.

Julia is also very vocal when it comes to the wine she loves. She recently stated that although Sonoma has a great reputation for Pinot Noir and Chardonnay, it may also be the best place for Cabernet.

Julia’s family has been making wine for many years and has several wineries spread throughout the world. One of their more interesting wines is Cardinale. Produced on a limited basis in Napa Valley this wine is blended from many different mountain appellations including Diamond Mountain, Howell Mountain, Mount Veeder, and Spring Mountain creating a beautiful sympathy of flavor.

Julia continues to work for her family, currently alongside the international sales team. She strives to inspire and hopes to introduce her wine to a new generation.

Betsy DeVos’ Desire to Bring Equity in the Education System

Mrs. Betsy DeVos was appointed the 11th U.S. Education Secretary on February 7, 2017, after being confirmed by the Senate. Before this appointment, she had served in various capacities in party and charitable organizations, PACs and also as a business executive. Betsy is the wife of a politician and philanthropist Dick DeVos, with whom they have worked together to support various charitable initiatives in Grand Rapids and across Michigan. They have channeled millions of dollars to charities, with the aim of helping the under-served individuals in the society. Large portion of their donations is used to fund education and other related projects.

Prior to her appointment, Mrs. DeVos was a strong supporter of educational choice and charter school programs. She partnered with other activists to champion for implementation of these programs in over 20 states. The program is also functional in the District of Columbia. Over the years, more and more parents have been enrolling their kids to these programs, allowing them to access better education. Mrs. DeVos’ interest began several years ago when she met parents who struggled to pay education fees for their children at Potter’s House in Grand Rapids. This school was recognized for serving kids from poor family backgrounds in this town. Betsy & Dick decided to sponsor some students, which they did very successfully.However, the number of parents who needed scholarships for their children was alarming making the couple to alternative ways to advance their cause. Later, she was involved in formation of organizations and PACs all fighting for educational reforms in Michigan. Their movement was seeking support from various state governments to pass laws that would allow tax credits to support school choice program. Betsy was personally involved in the formation of the organization responsible for charter schools expansion in the state of Michigan. Through her leadership and efforts, their mission was very successful, and they decided to roll-over the program in other states.

Personal Biography of Betsy DeVos

For more than three decades, Mrs. DeVos has played critical role of fighting for change of education policy in different states as well as on the national level. She was advocating for children and also acting as a voice for parents. When Betsy was growing up, she witnessed leaders supporting several projects focusing on the education sector in her home town. The leaders’ objective was to improve the standard of learning for children in that area. It was a major inspirational that made her decide to focus on education after realizing the inequalities that existed in the U.S. education system. Mrs. DeVos attained her Bachelors of Arts degree from Calvin College. Her philanthropic work has helped many kids in Michigan and across the United States.