Privinvest is Investing in Innovation and Producing it

When it comes to shipbuilding and innovation, there are far and few that have reached the standards set by the Privinvest group. Their outstanding shipyards have been known to produce some of the world’s most stunning mega yachts and commercial ships. The company’s largest selling component is its naval fleets which they’ve provided to more than 40 navies worldwide.

Founded by Iskandar and Aram Safa, the brothers have maintained their Lebanese roots by keeping their headquarters for Privinvest there, but they have definitely expanded since their founding. Today you can find Privinvest shipyards in countries such as France and Germany, and they employ thousands of innovative employees that allow them to continue to break records in the shipbuilding sector. Privinvest is responsible for producing two of the world’s largest ships as well as more than 2,000 ships for a wide variety of consumers.

The company has made it clear recently that, though most of their revenue is achieved through naval vessel production, they will continue to create phenomenal ships that stun the world as frequently as possible. However, they have ventured into a few other territories. CEO of Privinvest, Iskandar Safa, has also been talking a bit about the company getting into other areas of marine work. They’ve begun investing in Marine Renewable Energies and are assisting in the development of a startup called Hydroquest, which will focus on marine turbines in particular bodies of water. They have also begun dabbling in the surveillance field, so they intend to provide their customers with a new form of protection completely developed and produced by the Privinvest group.

From private clients to public consumers, Privinvest has become the most renowned shipbuilding company in the world and leaders in their field. The world is continuously excited to see what they have in store in every coming year.