Securus Technologies Ensuring Safety of Correctional Facilities with its Drone Detection Technology

Today, drones have become quite popular. One can see them being used for many different things. Apart from using it as a toy, many people are making use of drones for surveillance and even for photography. Drones are quite flexible, and they are also being used by criminals to deliver packages inside the prison. Since prisons today have tight security that is not easy to breach, criminals have found a better way to deliver the banned materials into the prison so that it can be used by the inmates.


Drones today are quite advanced and can be operated from miles away. One does not need to be in the vicinity of the drone as most drones have cameras that allow the operator to see where it is going. They can also carry a weight of around 20 pounds easily meaning that the criminals can tie packages containing tobacco, drugs and even weapons to them and then have them dropped off inside the yard of the prison where the inmates can find them easily. There have been multiple reports of violence inside the prison due to these packages drop-offs inside the prisons.


Two of the newest technologies to enter the correctional sphere is the drone detection technology and the wireless containment technology. The drone detection technology would be used to keep the drones away from prisons, and the wireless containment system would be used to keep the contraband phones away from prison. The use of drones to supply contraband items inside the prisons as well as the use of contraband phones is illegal and must not be allowed, but still, the incidents of such illegal use have been on the rise in recent times. Many other companies tried to develop a technology that would provide a breakthrough, but in the end, it was Securus Technologies that was able to build a breakthrough technology that was able to prove to be efficient and effective in carrying out what it claims to the T.


Securus Technologies has spent a lot in building these two technologies and is committed to its evolution as the time passes. Rick Smith, the CEO of Securus Technologies, said that the drone detection and wireless containment system is necessary for the correctional sphere, and the company would do whatever it takes to ensure that the technology continues to become more potent with time. There are many new upgrades that would be happening to these technologies in the near future. The FCC has announced that it would take the necessary steps to promote the use of such technologies in the correctional facilities so that the illegal use of contraband phones and drones can be eliminated completely. It has cost the lives of many, and some serious steps need to be taken to stop it.