Securus Technologies – Making It Safer

There are many companies that work in the safety field in order to protect the public, but none are able to complete what Securus Technologies is able to do. Securus Technologies has instituted the Wireless Containment Solution, which is helping to stop illegal activity in the jails using cell phones.


Other companies had tried to create something like this too, but they were unable to succeed because they did not have the expertise to do so. Securus Technologies has the ability to create the Wireless Containment Solution, and did so, and many of the correctional facilities are using it across the nation with great success.


The Wireless Containment Solution was made by the company in order to find illegal cell phones and contraband that is being used in the correctional facilities. Once they are able to find these devices, they can stop a lot of crimes being planned and taking place. There were many times that the inmate were using these cell phones and devices to contact people from the outside that were able to do criminal work. By using the Wireless Containment Solution from Securus Technologies, the facilities can stop this from happening.


Securus Technologies works for the civil and criminal sectors of justice. They want to make the world a safer place to live for everyone. They create new technologies on a weekly basis that help with monitoring, investigating and more. The government uses them all the time with help in their facilities, and the company deals with a million and more inmates on a regular basis. The company has also invited the public to come to their facility in Dallas, TX for a tour and a presentation that will allow them to see up close just what the company does on a regular basis. They will be allowed to see the latest technologies and how they work. The company is proud to open their doors so the public will know more about what they do, and how much they want to create a safer world for everyone to live. In the future, the public will see much more from Securus Technologies, because they are creating new technologies on a weekly basis that will benefit everyone.