Sergey Petrossov-Benefiting Private Aviation

SERGEY PETROSSOVMr. Sergey Petrossov is a young entrepreneur that always had a talent for starting businesses. Currently, he is the CEO and architect of JetSmarter, a mobile marketplace that make it easy for customers to customize their flights on a private jet.

Sergey Petrossov came to America with his family in 1988, at the age of four. They would live in California and Colorado, before settling down in South Florida. Sergey was just becoming a teenager at the time. While in high school, he attempted to start an import/export outfit that distributed car rim tires. Later on, he would attend the University of Florida, where he and some of his colleagues would create a chat system with audio and video for webmasters who provided customer service on their websites.

Upon graduating from the university in 2009, Sergey Petrossov co-founded a cloud-based educational program that was focused on offering distance learning to students residing in Russia and Eastern Europe. The same year, Sergey would find out how difficult it was to book a trip on a private jet. This information would be a catalyst in him developing a solution to this problem.

After accepting an invitation to take a ride with a pilot who owned a private jet operation, Sergey Petrossov became aware of the archaic method for acquiring a private flight. A person would have to call the aircraft company and wait a couple of hours for someone to send an invoice. Upon receiving the form, the individual would have to sign it and then return via fax or scanner. Petrossov knew this whole process required a digital update.


Gathering all the information from experts in the private jet industry, Sergey Petrossov was ready to progress by recruiting a small tech team to help him develop software. In 2012, a beta test of JetSmarter was distributed to his family and friends for a review. The responses were positive. So, in 2013 the app was released to the public. Folks could now book seats, share a flight with like-minded people, or reserve a whole private jet for their group from their phones and computer devices. JetSmarter was well-received and by 2014, it had been downloaded more than 300,000 times.