Smita Shah is an Engineer Who Understands Her Power

Smita Shah is an amazing female engineer and entrepreneur. Smita Shah has always had an
interest in education and learning. When she was young, she often focused on hard to solve
problems. Smita Shah founded SPAAN Tech, Inc in 1998. It has become one of the leading
engineering firms in the country. She is sharing the tips she used to help other women who may be working in male-dominated industries.
Smita Shah believes that one thing that holds many women back from progressing is having a poor self-image. It is important for women to see themselves as empowered and strong. She believes more women should shift into the mindset of believing in how powerful they are and how successful they can become. She thinks of her speaking out about what she has been able to accomplish, she will be able to help more women to move forward in their career.
Smita Shah understands women have to overcome different challenges, but they are as capable as a man to become the Chief Executive Officer of a company. There are over one hundred million female-owned businesses. Although this is number is smaller than the number of men who own businesses, there is still no reason why women cannot excel in business. Smita Shah thinks that with the right amount of dedication and ability a woman can rise in any industry.

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Smita Shah recommends that women dress in business attire. First impressions are difficult to
overcome. She thinks women need to dress professionally and take charge of any environment
they are in. Smita Shah also thinks women should take credit for their work. They should not be
afraid to share their accomplishments. They will inspire all kinds of people with their stories.
Smita Shah emphasizes keeping private and professional lives separate. Women should be able to delegate the things they are working on, so they will never be in a position to have to do it all.
Smita Shah knows it is difficult but doable for women to elevate in any industry. She equips them with the necessary tips for them to become successful.

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