Steve Lesnard Provides Advice for Today’s Digital Marketing Driven Business World

In today’s business world, social media platforms can allow a firm’s marketing to reach more people than ever. With the low cost and twenty-four-hour availability, companies are turning towards digital marketing to create brand awareness. However, success is predicated upon the proper use of these tools. Marketing expert Steve Lesnard explains that there are two key points businesses should focus on in order ensure their brand breaks through the masses when operating in these mass mediums.

First and foremost, Lesnard advises that marketing teams keep the product story simple and straight forward. Although this can be difficult, it is the only to grab and hold the attention of the consumer in the immediately gratifying fast paced world. Companies should focus on the characteristics that make their brand better and how it can enhance the consumer’s life. Steve Lesnard advises that by keeping the message concise and simple a business can reach a broader consumer base and increase their profit potential

The second most important factor in digital marketing, according to Steve Lesnard, is creating a customer experience. Marketers should create a story that encompasses the emotions and effects the customer will encounter when using their product or service. The story line will provide a catalyst to include the benefits that are being rendered to the client.

By using the social media market tools correctly, businesses can leverage their brand positioning to reach more consumers and potential customers. Advertising teams should focus on creating a story line for the product or service they are trying to create awareness around. The story should contain all of the benefits and features that illuminate the product’s competitive edge. Additionally, marketers should ensure their campaigns are direct and to the point in order to hold the attention of the potential customer reviewing the ad on a social media platform. As Mr. Lesnard conveys, if a company can maintain high standards on these two points within their digital marketing, the brand can penetrate through and leave a lasting effect on the consumers it touches.