Steve Lesnard Shares His Ideas on Digital Marketing

Digital and social media platforms are taking over the marketing industry. With the emergence of start technology, it is only reasonable to create advertising and marketing methods through the platforms. New products have a higher chance of reaching the potential client if marketed social media. For brands to get through to the customer, they put their clients’ interests first and focus on personalizing their approach. The companies also have clearly stated benefits to the consumer. Steve Lesnard holds a degree in business and entrepreneurship, and he shares with us his insights on marketing in the exciting digital platforms.

Steve lesnard’s principles for effective advertising

His experience in the business world is exceptional. He has previously been recognized several times for his authentic ideas and breathtaking creations. He has also been recognized for growing a sports following from five hundred thousand to seven million people through a strategic deal with Apple to grow the brand’s name. Talking to upcoming marketers and entrepreneurs, Steve Lesnard offered two principles that should be adhered to when presenting a new product to a client. Quoting a saying by Walt Disney, Steve Lesnard advised entrepreneurs to keep their presentation simple and to the point. Most advertisements have clear outlines specifying what value the product offers the client or any new details that interest the client.

Steve Lesnard used iPod as an example as they used the simple slogan ten songs in your pocket to keep the clients focus on the solution they offered to their problem. He also advised that the best way to make your advert stand out is to bring it to life. As vague as this may sound, the strategy has been used by major companies and has proven successful. The strategy involves visualizing what you want your customer to experience. Showing the client how their products will look like on them or how the product will add value to their life. This can be actualized by placing the product in the best settings and outlining the best features of the products for the client to remember. Keeping the consumer in mind is always key in creating powerful adverts.