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Sergey Petrossov created JetSmarter to solve a unique flying need

Sergey Petrossov is an industry innovator who has received several awards. The Russian born Florida resident received a Forbes 30 Under 30 in Consumer Technology award and also was awarded South Florida’s Top Working Professional by the Sun-Sentinel.

Currently, Sergey Petrossov is the CEO of JetSmarter. Before starting JetSmarter he co-founded both an online chat system for website customer service and a platform for distance learning for educational institutions that are Russian-speaking.

Sergey Petrossov got the idea for JetSmarter while he served as a board adviser to a private jet operator in South Florida. When he took his first charter flight he quickly realized that the booking system for charter flights was out-dated with today’s society. He quickly realized that he could solve the booking process with technology and JetSmarter was born.

Sergey invested his own capital and gathered members of his development teams from previous projects and began to plan. His plan was for a mobile app that would connect consumers looking for private jets with some of the top-rated private jet operators.

He was able to raise some additional funds and worked with hundreds of vendors and partners to make sure that everything was working as it should.

JetSmarter was launched to the public in March of 2013. Members of the JetSmarter team have worked on projects successfully with companies such as NASA, Nokia, Mercedes Benz, and Uber. The team worked tirelessly to create a unique and successful project. JetSmarter is the world’s largest private aviation travel and lifestyle community.

Robert Deignan On Technology and Numbers

Robert Deignan is an expert in the field of technology and has spent the last 20 years in this particular field. As the Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of ATS Digital Services Robert works tirelessly helping people solve their most puzzling technology questions.

The young Deignan received a full football scholarship to Purdue University and walked away with a Bachelor of Science in Business Management. Robert even played ball with the New York Jets and the Miami Dolphins for a short period of time, but technology would be his real love in life.

Born and raised in Fort Lauderdale, Florida Robert Deignan still lives there with his wife and son. Each day start bright and early at 5:15am when the alarm goes off. He hits the gym with a buddy to start the day off on a good foot. With strong cup of coffee and a short period of time in the backyard Robert heads to the office and arrives at 8:20am. This is crunch time and get the most important things done first. This includes answering emails, checking the numbers and the previous day’s progress to stay on top of business. This keeps things more efficient and productive. The next part of the day is filled with meetings, talking to employees, etc. The work day ends a 6:30pm. Robert Deignan finds his best ideas come to him when he is away from technology and outdoors or in nature.

One factor that keeps the successful entrepreneur successful is completely believing in his work and how it can positively impact others. Mr. Deignan also focused on numbers and how they impact his business. This tells him whether he needs to make adjustments, improvements, or anything else. They are to the point and Robert says they do not lie. Robert uses his gut when making decisions and has been really happy with the outcome of those choices. If he could recommend one thing to other entrepreneurs and swears by it himself is put your ideas into spreadsheet to visually see if it makes sense. If it does not, cut it and start again.