Tech Businesswoman Isabel Dos Santos on African Employees

As an investor in the tech world, Isabel Dos Santos understands the challenges facing business progression in Africa. Telecommunications and digital infrastructure are factors that would help establish an economic boost. When companies can reach their final consumers, a business can achieve upward momentum. As she addressed participants at a symposium, she urged companies such as Unitel to extend its services to more significant regions in Africa.

Unitel is a telecommunications company that was founded through a partnership with Isabel Dos Santos being a majority shareholder. She has used her high-profile status to advise the International Business Community on development opportunities in Africa. To be at per with the rest of the world, African workers must step up in terms of work delivery. Isabel Dos Santos argues that skill and education have a huge role in the shaping of the current workforce in

Employers need to come up with training programs where the workers can acquire the necessary skills. She equally emphasized the importance of education towards achieving the higher common goal. Isabel Dos Santos has made her fair share of contribution in sponsoring the education of youths, especially girls.

Gender equity is at the center of it all, where changes in a patriarchal society must be made. Encouraging more women to pursue business and other vocations are the way to go. The gender biasness that exist in Angola is detrimental to the economy and well-being of society. She spoke up in a World Economic Forum on Africa and urged leaders to come up with practical solutions that would place women in better positions.

As a stakeholder in Unitel, Isabel devised programs that would help women advance their careers. Leading by example, she has gone out of her way to break the conventional stereotypes that surround women in the corporate world. If the country is to exploit the raw talent available today, Africa would have more than enough human resources to run its industries. Inclusivity of all people during job allocation would be beneficial in the long run.

The History of Isabel Dos Santos

Originally from Baku in Azerbaijan, however, she has spent the more significant part of her life in Angola. She is Russian on her maternal side and Angolan on her paternal lineage.