The Manaira Shopping Mall is a Representation of Roberto Santiago’s High Pedigree as an Entrepreneur

Roberto Santiago is one of the pioneers and the leading entreprenuers in Brazil’s retail industry. He is the owner of a number of malls with the biggest among them being the Manaira Shopping Mall located in Joao Pessoa, Brazil. The mall considered one of the largest in the country and is especially revered for its entertainment quality.

Biographical Background

Roberto Santiago was born in the Brazilian city of Joao Pessoa. He undertook his studies in the same city, first attending the Pio Marist College before moving on to complete an undergraduate Business Administration program at the University Center if Joao Pessoa.

Creating the Manaira Shopping Mall

In the 1980s, Roberto Santiago a gap in the retail market for shopping malls. With individuals’ disposable incomes growing, they increasingly demanded to have their shopping and entertainment needs to be met under one roof. Consequently, Mr. Santiago thought of building a mall – and a large one at that. In 1987, he purchased the piece of land on which the mall would be development. Two years later, the mall was opened to the public with great aplomb and celebration. Since then, the Manaira Shopping Mall has again been expanded in 2013. The mall features all of the essential features found in a shopping complex including a gym and some financial institutions.

Shopping Experience

With a wide range of products and services, the Manaira Shopping Mall has lived up to its name. The mall is home to a number of luxurious brands’ flagship stores dealing in jewelry, cosmetics, and clothing. Additionally, it also features the less glamorous but essential product offerings such as bookstores and sportswear stores. The mall also boasts of being one of the few in the country with an institution of higher learning (the College of Higher Education of Paraiba) within it.

Rooftop Concert Hall

Among the unique features of the Manaira Shopping Mall is concert hall on its rooftop referred to as the Domus Hall. The hall can accommodate thousands of people at a time, whether standing or seated. Consequently, it has over the years hosted weddings, exhibitions, graduation ceremonies and corporate events. Being soundproof and completely air-conditioned, it is one of the best-equipped concert halls in the country.

Entertainment Amenities

Every mall has shopping stores and food courts. However, it is the entertainment options that set them apart. Fortunately, the Manaira Shopping Mall does not lack in this area. There are up to 13 movie theaters in the mall offering only the best viewing experience for goers. Three of these 13 theatres, in fact, offer 3-D viewing to optimize the value for goers. The gaming area also features a bowling alley that is especially popular with the adults.