The Services of Capitol Anesthesiology Association

Capitol Anesthesiology Association is a practice located in Austin, TX that is able offer many anesthetic services to make any experience with them a breeze!

There are three general groups of anesthesia: General Anesthesia ( Used for more serious surgeries like brain or chest procedures where the patients’ needs to be fully unconscious and still), Regional Anesthesia ( a method often used to control pain before and/or after an operation on one specific area of the body ( Arm, Knee)) , and Monitored Anesthesia Care, also known as Local/MAC ( also known as twilight sleep, is given to the patient when the procedure involves small areas of soft tissue) . CAA’s abilities are not limited to these three general areas, as they also offer an abundance of other services such as Pediatric Anesthesia, Obstetric Anesthesia, and Cardiovascular and Thoracic Anesthesia.

Capitol Anesthesiology Association employees have always given there helping hand in supporting various philanthropic groups.

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  1. Alanna Mohammed Post author

    A large majority of the practitioners at CAA give their time and knowledge to mission groups the provide much needed health care to deprived areas around the world. That alone must have made it very surprising and could do all that they can to support it which means everything may have worked out nicely.

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