Tips On Where And When To Invest

Investment advice is crucial to every investor or prospective investor. The professional opinion of these experts helps investors to make sound investment decisions that steer them towards their investment success. Tim Armour is amongst the informed practitioners in this area that have spanned a successful career all along.

Tim Armour is an extensively experienced investment advisor, and he had an opinion when Warren Buffett tabled his investment strategy. Mr. Buffett had bet and invested 1 million dollars in a passive index fund rather than committing it to a hedge fund, claiming that he would get better returns.

Timothy Armour to the surprise of many is in his support. He argues that many mid and high-level funds shortchange investors. Hence, he shares in Warren’s opinion to invest in a low and straightforward investment for the long-term. He advises investors to commit their funds in the long-term passive index investments as they have low opportunity costs, low volatility risks, and higher returns as opposed to the renowned mutual funds whose returns are mediocre due to excessive trading and high management fees.

However, Tim Armour disputes the belief that passive index returns are the haven for long-term investments like retirement. They may be preferred, but he claims that they do not provide any assurances to down markets. He continues to advise investors to refrain from high-cost funds and affiliating themselves with hedge fund managers who invest their money in unsecured investments.

Tim Armour holds a degree in Economics, and he possesses vast investment experience. He started his career in 1983 as a participant with the company and later on served as an Equity Investment Analyst. Presently, he is the Chairman, CEO, and the firm’s Equity Portfolio Manager.