Who Cares about Mental Illness? Jeremy Goldstein Cares!

Mental illness is something that will affect everyone in some way or another. For 25 percent of the population, mental illness is will be a personal battle according to the World Health Organization. For the rest of the people, it’s a friend or family member that will suffer.

While that number may seem debilitating, it’s important for people to know what mental illness is. Not all mental health problems are genetic and lifelong. Most mental health cases involve people struggling with grief after losing a loved one or people stressing out over work or troubles at home.

People’s instinctive reaction to hearing the words “mental illness” needs to change. Currently, people are scared of being labeled and shunned. People should be interested in learning more about mental illnesses, in particular, how to live happy lives with a condition or how to help someone else live a happy life with a condition.

That’s the overall mission of Fountain House; make life better for those with mental illnesses. Fountain House has been advocating for people with mental illnesses since 1944. Back then, the organization was just a support group helping a few people at a time. Today, Fountain House has global partnerships and is trying to spread its model of health to fellow mental health organizations.

Fountain House initiatives including everything from finding affordable housing for members to finding jobs for members at or near the end of recovery. The ultimate goal is for every member to leave Fountain House and be monetarily independent. For some, it’s a tough battle but that’s why Fountain House fights so hard to change the rest of the world.

In most cases, people with mental health conditions can’t find jobs simply because employers don’t want to hire them. They could be productive members of the company, but unfortunately, many still consider them a liability.

Someone who’s really helpful in the fight for employment equality is Jeremy Goldstein. Jeremy Goldstein is a corporate lawyer and has his finger on the pulse of corporate America. Currently, his expertise is best served as a member of the board and an advocate for the organization’s mission. No matter what his future contributions to Fountain House are, he’ll continue throwing wine dinners to raise money.

In 2018, Jeremy Goldstein started a tradition of hosting luxurious wine dinners for his fellow socialites overlooking the New York skyline. Using the relationships he developed as New York’s premier attorney, Goldstein attracts dozens of influential socialites to his dinners.


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